Overwatch cosplayer will heal you up as charming Snow Owl Ana

Cosplayer / Ana Overwatch gameplayInstagram: hioshiru_blue / Blizzard

This remarkable Overwatch cosplayer honed in on the challenge of recreating one of the game’s more unique Legendary skins by bringing Ana’s Snow Owl variant to life.

Since the release of Blizzard’s popular hero shooter in 2016, dozens of cosmetic unlocks have been added into the game. Each seasonal event comes with a heap of character skins, sprays, emotes, and plenty more. Some of these are far more difficult to obtain than others though.

Legendary skins always top the pack as the rarest items in Overwatch. However, it’s often well worth the effort once you finally get your hands on one. Legendary skins completely overhaul character designs and give your favorite heroes entirely new looks.

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Ana currently has seven Legendary skins to showcase, ranging from her classic Captain Amari look to the casual Cabana outfit. While each and every one is distinct, her Snow Owl skin is among the most original of any Legendary in the game. Thanks to cosplayer hioshiru_blue,’ we now have a real-life version of the skin.

This particular cosmetic for the Support hero arrived during the 2017 Winter Wonderland event. Every square inch of the design has been overhauled from the ground up to give off the feathery impression. 

From talons on her feet to bright blue feathers on her mask, every detail has been faithfully recreated by the cosplayer. Robotic-looking eyes pierce through the faceplate while the full overcoat drapes over a few layers of armor. 

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Even the unique weapon design for Ana’s Biotic Rifle comes equipped with this standout costume. A white base is complemented with yellow and black features no different from the rest of the skin itself.

The design appears to be fairly lightweight as well. The cosplayer has taken this version of Ana to multiple conventions, even posing in front of a green screen in one photoshoot to be perfectly dropped into a snowy King’s Row.

It’s rare to see an Ana cosplay, let alone a cosplay that focuses on an intricate Legendary skin. Yet rare designs seem to be just what the cosplay community is going: just last week, a Bastion cosplayer stole the spotlight too as the Omnic hero.

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