Kill la Kill cosplayer slashes through Life Fibers as Ryuko Matoi

. 2 years ago
ryuko matoi cosplay
Studio Trigger / Instagram: @ellsnyx

Kill la Kill’s leading protagonist Ryuko Matoi was brought to life by a cosplayer’s insanely accurate costume. The artist’s faithful depiction of the sassy heroine will leave fans in awe.

Kill la Kill made its explosive debut in 2013, and was a massive hit for Studio Trigger. Viewers connected with the show’s ridiculous story about living clothes and its incredible over-the-top action sequences.

A talented cosplayer shared her true-to-life take on the series’ lead character, Ryuko Matoi. The artist looks so much like the heroine, it’s almost as if the protagonist has shredded her way out of the screen with her scissor blade.

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ryuko matoi
Studio Trigger
The character wields a giant scissor blade.

Kill la Kill cosplayer becomes Ryuko Matoi

The anime opens with Ryuko enrolling at Honnoji Academy after her father is assassinated. The determined protagonist is looking for the killer who has the other half of her red scissor blade, but is challenged by the school’s president Satsuki Kiryuin.

Cosplayer ‘ellsnyx‘ transformed into Matoi, and stunned with her faithful portrayal. Photographer ‘molkerphoto‘ captured the artist wielding her gigantic prop weapon over her shoulder, as she poses in her blue and red academy uniform.

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Ells costume was made by ‘monchichitanuki‘ who meticulously re-created Ryuko’s outfit named Senketsu. In the show, the the uniform is alive, which the cosplay depicts with a red and yellow eye which peeks out from beneath her collar.

In another shot taken by ‘tachiiphotography‘, the artist shows off her incredible scissor sword replica made by ‘gsprops.’ Mirroring a poster from the anime, Ells truly becomes the real life Ryuko Matoi in what is easily one of the best takes on the character we have ever seen.

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hello new (and old!) followers!! my name is ells and I am delighted to have you here! next week I’m going to grab some cosplay stuff to shoot new content for you all >

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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she also collaborated with fellow cosplayer ‘GrumpyPlum‘ who portrayed Ryuko’s best friend in the show, Mako. The two artists perfectly capture the anime heroines’ adorable relationship.

Despite releasing over seven years ago, Kill la Kill continues to grow in popularity. The show’s insane premise and over-the-top animation has made it one of the most entertaining series in the last decade.

Fans looking to experience the Studio Trigger property again can check out the fighting video game ‘IF’ which came out in 2019. Newcomers can watch all episodes on streaming services Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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