Attack on Titan cosplayer joins the Survey Corps as Mikasa Ackerman

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mikasa ackerman attack on titan cosplay
Crunchyroll / Instagram: @mky_ays

An Attack on Titan cosplayer went viral when she shared her true-to-life take on Mikasa Ackerman. The artist’s insanely accurate costume of the anime heroine will leave fans in awe.

Attack on Titan made its explosive debut in 2013, becoming a cultural phenomena as viewers connected with its relentlessly brutal story. The show re-imagines a world overrun by Titans – AKA horrifying giants that destroy everything and eat people.

A talented cosplayer transformed into the series’ resident badass, Mikasa Ackerman. The artist’s incredibly faithful portrayal is so good, it’s almost as if the powerful heroine has slashed her way out of the screen and into real life.

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mikasa ackerman attack on titan
Crunchyroll / Wit Studio
Mikasa is one of the most powerful characters in the popular anime.

Attack on Titan cosplayer brings Mikasa to life

In the story, protagonists Eren Yeager and Mikasa become refugees after Titans break through the walls of their city and destroy their home. Avenging their loved ones, they join the military branch known as the Survey Corps to learn how to taken down the lumbering monsters.

Cosplayer ‘mk_ays‘ shared her real-life take on Ackerman, and pulled off the perfect portrayal of the heroine. Ays captured Mikasa’s signature look by recreating her black bob haircut which includes a blade of hair that sits above the center of her face.

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The artist looks ready for battle as she swings her blades that are used to cut through the necks of Titans. Incredibly, the prop weapon has wires that run off the back of it just like the series. In the story, the swords attach to the character’s vertical maneuvering equipment.

In another shot, Ays faithfully mirrors the anime character’s brown leather military jacket, which is given to members of the Survey Corps. Her costume even includes little details like the abundance of belts the character has that run under her jacket and across her waist and legs.

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The cosplayer also adorable mirrored Mikasa’s attachment to her red scarf, which she keeps closely around her neck for most of the story. The clothing item was given to the character by Eren after he rescues her.

After years of waiting, Attack on Titan is finally coming to an end. Creator Hajime Isayama announced in 2019 that the manga is wrapping up, and that the fourth season of the anime will be the end of the series.

For everything we know about AOT’s final episodes, check out our guide here. Those looking to catch up in time for the epic conclusion can watch all episodes on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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