This incredible Overwatch Ashe cosplay might be the most accurate yet

Connor Bennett

A wide range of Overwatch cosplays have been attempted, with some looking more incredible than others. Yet, a new, insanely accurate portrayal of the hero Ashe may just be the best yet.

Overwatch fans have flooded all corners of the internet with their attempts to recreate their favorite heroes outside of the popular game.

While some members of the game’s community have taken on the challenge of stepping into the shoes of Brigitte or Bastion, others have taken another route – dressing up as the leader of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe, with a stunning likeness and complete overall look.

Blizzard EntertainmentAshe is one of the more popular heroes in Overwatch – both to play and cosplay as.

Detailed Ashe cosplay on display

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user ‘Ruhira’ showed off her incredible Ashe cosplay, stating that she’s already prepared for Gamescom in August so she can mimic the popular hero among other fans.

While August and Cologne may be a good bit of time away just yet, that hasn’t stopped Ruhira donning an incredibly detailed outfit – complete with Ashe’s signature hat, vest, right-shoulder piece, and gloves – even if her trusty ‘Viper’ rifle is missing.

Compliments pour in from Overwatch fans

Other posters were wowed by the detailing and effort put into the costume, with Ruhira’s hairstyle completing the overall look of the hero.

One user even challenged Ruhira to call out Ashe’s signature “Bob, do something!” line during her trip to Gamescom. Yet, the original poster was already a step ahead of them, replying: “I promised myself to shout it if I see a Bob,” with multiple laughing face emojis attached.

Other Ashe cosplays

While it’s not the first, and unlikely to be the last, Ashe cosplay, the costume is totally brilliant in its own right – even if it’s missing the trusty B.O.B sidekick. 

Other cosplayers, like Juli ‘Denialism Cosplay’, have modeled themselves on the character in the past – adding a bit more of a risque flavor to their cosplaying attempts.

Yet, there’s nothing better than a simple recreation of Ashe.