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Impressive Bewitching Miss Fortune cosplay has League players captivated

Published: 9/Mar/2020 6:49

by Andrew Amos


American cosplayer Jessica Ashe has pulled off an eye-catching take on the Bewitching Miss Fortune prestige skin from League of Legends ⁠— guns and all ⁠— that has taken the game’s fans by storm.

Bewitching Miss Fortune was added to League of Legends last year as part of the Harrowing celebrations for Halloween, and was ever-so-lucky to be bestowed with a prestige variant.

Since then, Jessica Ashe has been working on an intricate cosplay for the AD carry based off her then-recently-released skin.

Riot Games
Bewitching Miss Fortune’s Prestige edition is a crisp white-and-gold take on the regular skin.

After months of work. she showed off her Miss Fortune for the first time at KatsuCon 2020, and it didn’t disappoint. The white-and-gold variant of the rare skin looked straight off of Summoner’s Rift, and she spared no detail from head-to-toe.

She created the whole costume from scratch, from the extravagant kicks to the golden witches hat. She even got the guns custom-made, enlisting the help of a 3D printer to get it picture-perfect.

“The guns were 3D printed by ‘furnacefuneral’ using the model by ‘3deerprint’ minus the bat wings on them which I just made myself,” she said on a February 16 Instagram post. “The rest of the costume was entirely made by me.”

Ashe said it was amazing to get “so much love” for her take on Miss Fortune ⁠— including a commendation from the official League of Legends account ⁠— and described it as “probably [her] favorite cosplay thus far.”

“After over a year of not really making a full cosplay, it felt so good to finally make something again and I can’t wait to keep making more,” she added.

She didn’t just flaunt it on the floor at KatsuCon though. She made sure to get a bunch of other photos from around the place to really set the theme and take the cosplay to the next level.

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Such a pleasure shooting with @adorables at Katsucon. I love how we all found so much excitement in this skin because of how hard we grinded forn it ? Thank you so much for being a part in bringing this to life. ❤ . . ?: @adorables Costume: me 3D model of guns: @3deerprint 3D print of guns: @furnacefuneral ?: @leagueoflegends . . . #leagueoflegends #leagueoflegendscosplay #missfortune #bewitchingmissfortune #prestige #bewitchingmissfortuneprestige #missfortunecosplay #katsucon #riot

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Ashe loves a good League of Legends cosplay, having done similarly amazing creations for K/DA Kai’Sa, Elementalist Lux, and Xayah. She doesn’t just cosplay League champions though, with a soft spot for anime as well, taking on projects like Fate character Astolfo.

While she hasn’t shared details on what her next cosplay adventure will be, League fans will be hoping that it’s another champion from the beloved game in the hopes that Ashe will be able to pull off another amazing get-up.


Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer studies the Crown Tundra as Sonia

Published: 26/Oct/2020 18:56

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon cosplayer transformed into Sword & Shield’s Sonia with an incredible costume. The artist’s insanely accurate take on the Gen VIII professor is the perfect way to celebrate the game’s new DLC, The Crown Tundra.

The Pokemon franchise was ushered into its eighth generation with the debut of Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The beloved RPG whisked players away to the Galar region, which is largely based on locations in the U.K.

One of the new characters introduced to the series was Sonia. To celebrate the beloved red-haired professor, an insanely skilled cosplayer shared her perfect take on the heroine on Instagram that will leave fans in awe.

pokemon crown tundra screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The red-haired character is the new professor in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon cosplayer becomes real life Sonia

At the start of the Gen 8 RPG, players are initially introduced to Magnolia as the new series’ professor. However throughout your journey, her granddaughter Sonia makes discoveries about Galar and eventually dawns the coat herself.

Bringing the popular Pokemon heroine to life, cosplayer ‘destinywings_’ shared her stunning costume on social media. The artist’s incredibly accurate re-creation looks so much like the character, it’s almost as if she has jumped out of the screen.

Photographer ‘marvelvongola’ captured Destiny as she posed as the professor studying nature. The outside shot really captures the feel of Galar, making this one of the most realistic cosplay takes we’ve seen so far from the Switch game.

Destinywings absolutely nailed Sonia’s quirky style, perfectly capturing her large beige coat, and the teal shirt she wears underneath. She also accurately mirrored the heroine’s braided red hair, including the heart-shaped decorations strung throughout her locks.

In another shot posted to Instagram, the artist gave viewers an closeup view of how she faithfully pulled off the Gen VIII character’s look. In the picture, she gets ready to capture a wild Pokemon while holding a Pokeball in her hand.

Despite only releasing at the end of 2019, Sword & Shield has already become the third highest-selling title in the Nintendo franchise. Proof that Pokemon has never been more popular.

Fans of the Galar region have a lot to be excited for as the game’s second DLC, The Crown Tundra, is out right now. The add-on expands the map, and the beloved Professor Sonia also makes a return.