LoL players praise Hwei for being most “well-designed” mage ever made

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League of Legends players have praised Hwei for being one of the most “well-designed” mages ever made by developers Riot.

League of Legends’ newest champion Hwei has fully landed on the Summoner’s Rift. The Ionian mage uses a paint brush and a mixture of spells to create devastating combos capable of painting a beautiful portrait on the battlefield.

Hwei is one of the most complex champions to join the League of Legends roster. Fostering 10 different spells, Hwei has a kit for almost every situation, provided the user knows how to pilot the character.

Players were afraid that a champion of this complexity would be an absolute nightmare to balance and play against, with many referencing the 200-year meme that came with Aphelios. However despite these fears, many have come around to the character, hailing them as one of the most “well-designed” mages ever made.

LoL players hail Hwei as most “well-designed” mage

League of Legends players have thrown praise at developers Riot for creating Hwei. Many players complimented that his kit flows well together, without being too overpowered in terms of balance.

“Combine that with being a very capable laner that also scales pretty well, and Riot really knocked it out of the park with this one,” the post reads.

Other players echoed a similar sentiment, believing Hwei’s kit allowed for skill expression without being overly dominant.

“He seems like a nice champion, has a skill-expressive kit that’s fairly balanced and is useful enough while not being that overpowered,” one user replied.

Another user spoke about how Hwei’s kit worked well into his painter aesthetic.

“Agree so much- He’s just the epitome of CHOICE. It feels like I’m a painter playing him. I decide which brushes to use, which situations, how to play the fight. It’s great design,” they stated.

Hwei abilities release date LoL
Many players have complimented Hwei for their design, but some still fear his professional play debut.

Despite all the positive feedback, some players are still fearing this champion’s debut in professional play, where pros will truly put the champion to the test.

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