Korean cosplayer stuns League fans with Winter Wonderland Neeko cosplay

Andrew Amos
Twitter: 2yuran_ni / Riot Games

Korean cosplayer ‘Yuran’ has blown League of Legends players away with an amazing rendition of Winter Wonderland Neeko that looks so uncanny to the real thing, you could be mistaken for thinking it was one of her clones.

Neeko is one of the more interesting champions in League of Legends to cosplay. The chameleon of the Rift was released at the tail end of 2018, and has the ability to transform into any champion in the game.

While shooting clones from Runeterra into the real world wasn’t written in the patch notes, this Winter Wonderland Neeko cosplay from Yuran makes us think otherwise.

Riot Games
Yuran’s Winter Wonderland Neeko cosplay is one of the best League cosplays we’ve seen.

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Sharing the cosplay to her fans on Twitter, Yuran’s Neeko impression was absolutely on the money. She crafted all the clothes from scratch, trying to get her cosplay as close to the original as possible.

She also tried to replicate the chameleon’s body paint and make-up from head to toe. From the markings across the shapeshifters legs, to the bright purple make-up on her face, Yuran made sure no detail was left unnoticed.

She also nailed Neeko’s elaborate headdress on the skin. The ice crown looks just as majestic in real life compared to in-game, with the perfect backdrop for the photoshoot summing up how all the little things help make this cosplay one of the best we’ve seen.

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The Neeko cosplay is Yuran’s most loved project yet, garnering over 700 likes on Twitter since the grand reveal in February.

While she often cosplays some of the most popular characters from franchises like Fate: Grand Order and Pokemon, her League of Legends cosplay has stolen the show.

She hasn’t done any other characters from the popular Riot Games MOBA franchise yet, although given how much love she’s received for her Neeko cosplay, it’s unlikely to be the last.

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Yuran is also relatively new to the cosplay scene, only having a handful of designs on her Twitter.

However, with talent like this, it won’t be long until she breaks out into the limelight ⁠— especially if she keeps producing designs with this high quality.