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League of Legends Firecracker Vayne cosplay is the perfect night hunter

Published: 8/Jan/2020 10:28

by David Purcell


A League of Legends fan has perfectly recreated the Firecracker Vayne outfit in real life and it might be the best cosplay we’ve seen for the character yet. 

The skin was first added to the game back in January 2019 to celebrate the year of the pig, incorporating the animal into her outfit in a way we hadn’t seen before. For the Lunar festival, celebrated chiefly in China and Vietnam, the night hunter was given a brand new piggy crossbow, as well as new models and textures.

While the skin is certainly good to look at in-game, and has no doubt been purchased by many LoL players, it might be even more impressive when brought to life through cosplay.


Riot GamesHere’s what the base Vayne character looks like in League of Legends.

An up and coming cosplayer, who goes by the name of Shion Cosplay on social media, has posted their very own version of Firecracker Vayne to Twitter – showing how to pull off the look in real life.

As many fans of League of Legends will know already, the skin changed a lot more than just the crossbow for Vayne, completely revamping the black outfit (as seen above) and changing it to something with warmer colors, coupled with a metallic lining.

These changes were perfectly recreated by the cosplayer, with incredible attention to detail shown towards both the weapon itself and accessories – such as headdress, glasses, and more. Take a look for yourself.


Not only does this Vayne revamp affect the way that it looks in League of Legends, but it also has a number of other fresh features that the base character doesn’t offer.

These include new sound affects, particularly for fireworks which can be fired from the crossbow, metallic sounds, fresh poses and animations as well.

For those interested in actually buying the outfit in-game, unfortunately the Legacy skin the look is currently unavailable, so players will have to keep an eye out for the Legacy Vault being opened up, or hope for a lucky drop from Hextech or Mastery chests.