Genshin Impact cosplayer radiates luxury as fiery Diluc

genshin impact diluc cosplay akiriTwitter, @Akiri_qiutong / miHoYo

A Chinese cosplayer, Akiri, has brought Genshin Impact’s Diluc to life — perfecting the RPG character’s fiery, yet nonchalant appearance and luxurious outfit.

One of Genshin Impact’s seven Pyro characters, Diluc is most easily recognized by his scarlet, long hair and sophisticated attire. The character exudes fire and luxury, which is understandable, as he is of the esteemed Ragnvindr family and considered to be the wealthiest nobleman in Mondstadt.

For Akiri’s cosplay, he decided to lean into that luxurious gentleman aesthetic. Matching the character’s pale, clear skin, red eyes and red hair, he took it a step further by outfitting himself in the sophisticated attire and placing himself in a sophisticated setting.

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Seated in a study of sorts, with a library of books behind him, wine glasses beside him, Akiri evokes the energy of a steadfast intellectual conducting strategizing for military conquest. Considering how lethal the character’s DPS (damage-per-second) is in-game, this vibe is completely accurate.

But, while Akiri does a good job of maintaining Diluc’s casual side, he also took that cosplay to the battlefield as well. The owner of the Dawn Winery, Akiri made sure to capture shots examining red wines indoors, but then brought things outside.

Wielding Diluc’s Flaming Sword, Akiri posted some shots to Instagram in which he shows off the sword’s size and heat. One can only assume that the flames are the product of Photoshop editing, but, like a good magician, Akiri has yet to reveal his secrets.

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Drinking wine in a sophisticated study, brandishing the Flaming Sword in an open field — Akiri really went all out with this cosplay and has rightfully earned some praise. In the replies to his Instagram post, the comments are exceptionally positive.

One person replied, “hand in marriage pls,” while another commented “you are the most perfect Diluc I’ve seen so far.”

Maybe the most romantic comment came from someone who said “it’s so good I’m in love with you.” And, in perfect Diluc fashion, Akiri maintained absolute nonchalance in his reply — offering the fan a simple “thanks.”