Genshin Impact cosplayer explodes onto Teyvat as adorable Klee

miHoYo / Instagram: mochichuu

Genshin Impact cosplayer ‘Mochichuu’ has taken Instagram by storm, exploding onto the scene with an adorable rendition of Klee. 

Klee is the adorable Knight of Favonius most can’t help but love in Genshin Impact. Sure, she causes more trouble than good with her litany of explosives, but no amount of “solitary confinement” by Jean will change her.

Wandering around Teyvat and finding new things to blow up ⁠is Klee’s favorite pastime ⁠— all while looking absolutely adorable.

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Klee will be an explosive addition to the Genshin Impact roster.MiHoYo
Klee is Genshin Impact’s adorable Knights of Favonius member that loves big explosions.

Genshin Impact Klee cosplay blows away the competition

Italian cosplayer ‘Mochichuu’ has knocked all of that and more out of the park, dressing up as a splitting image of Klee.

Featuring her bright red uniform ⁠— matching her Pyro Vision ⁠— Mochichuu looked the part. The photoshoot definitely had the same vibe as Klee’s own outgoing and bubbly personality in Genshin Impact.

She also got some elf ears to round out the Knight of Favonius member’s facial features, and she couldn’t forget Klee’s two companions in Dodoco (attached to her bag) and her Jumpy Dumpty bomb.

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The cosplay looks amazing on Mochichuu, who captured the spirit of Klee perfectly, and Genshin Impact fans can’t get enough.


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It’s not Mochichuu’s first Genshin Impact cosplay, with the Italian star taking on Yanfei and Yae Miko most recently.

There seems to be a theme in all of these ⁠— they all have predominantly red color palettes ⁠— so could someone like Yoimiya be on the cards for her too? Only time will tell, but no matter what, Mochichuu will likely blow fans’ minds like she did with her Klee cosplay.

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