Crazy Overwatch Wrecking Ball rollout takes over Hanamura with ease

Blizzard Entertainment

The first objective on Hanamura features one of the toughest choke points in all of Overwatch, but this remarkable Wrecking Ball rollout could shut down your next opponents in the blink of an eye.

While Lucio is often the master of ridiculous rollouts in Overwatch, Wrecking Ball occasionally steals the spotlight with some extraordinary plays on various maps.

Crashing out of the attacking spawn room on Hanamura, this Tank player threw the enemy team for a loop as he swung around Point A with seemingly reckless abandon and almost single-handedly guaranteed a team fight win.

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Overwatch's Wrecking Ball relaxing.Blizzard
Hero 28 in Overwatch, Wrecking Ball was introduced in July, 2018.

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Flanking routes at the start of Hanamura are few and far between. A high ground opening allows mobile heroes such as Pharah and Genji to make their way through while a Tracer can quickly Blink through the choke and into the building on the right. However, none of these options are particularly sneaky. 

Rushing straight through the middle of the map, Reddit user ‘kobubu’ recently uncovered a cheeky Wrecking Ball play that caught their opposition by surprise and led to a stunning elimination. 

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Navigating their way on top of the first objective, they fired out a few shots from afar while waiting for the Grappling Claw to recharge. Dropping back down and hooking from behind enemy lines, they majestically looped around the central chokepoint, whipped straight back into hostile territory and slammed into an enemy Soldier: 76. All before they even had a chance to react. 

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While a number of enemies could have countered the crazy play, from Ana hitting a Sleep Dart, to Reinhardt charging or even landing his Earthshatter on the moving target, the player still made it through relatively unscathed.

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“You’re way too precise with those hooks and landings,” Reddit user ‘MountainSage58’ responded. “That’s intimidating.”

Shedding some insight on how they devised the highlight-worthy moment, the skilled Wrecking Ball player explained how they have well over 300 hours on the hero. Undeniably a veteran of the hamster, it might be tough for newcomers to execute without being caught out in the process.

If there’s ever an enemy Wrecking Ball in your backlines on Hanamura however, at least now you know to be wary of such an over the top maneuver.

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Wrecking Ball rollouts have been in vogue recently, with another Redditor discovering a new trick that allows the hero to blitz out of spawn at maximum speed the moment doors open.

Perhaps combining both tactics could help your team set a new attacking record on Hanamura if executed just right. 

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