Overwatch model reaches for the sky with dynamite Ashe cosplay

Blizzard Entertainment/Instagram/le_blaaanc_cosplay

An Overwatch cosplayer turned a few heads with her phenomenally-crafted costume based on the Deadlock Gang’s Ashe.

Ukranian model ‘le_blaaanc_cosplay’ pulled out all the stops and spent four months designing a costume for her take on the mid-range sniper hero.

In a post on Reddit, Le Blanc revealed that she crafted the entire costume by herself and it looks absolutely exquisite. As a design base, the model decided to opt for Ashe’s traditional standard skin and work from there. Everything from the armored arm, hat and gun looks exactly as they should.

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Speaking of the hat, according to Le Blanc, she had to redo the hat at least three times until she was satisfied with it. “I used a default cowboy hat from Aliexpress and cut the edges and glued EVA foam edges and covered all with paint,” she wrote.

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“And the symbol I made from EVA foam with dremel, it took 4 hours and a lot of failed tries,” she added.

For the weapon and armor, Le Blanc explained she used EVA foam and then used it to cover PVC pipes and polystyrene to create the rifle.

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The only thing the getup was missing seemed to be her very own giant robot BOB. In the game, Ashe’s ultimate, BOB, summons her giant robotic butler onto the field and he effectively serves as a seventh hero for its duration.

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According to the Ukrainian, imitating Ashe’s line of “BOB, do something” was a part of her show.

This isn’t the model’s first Overwatch cosplay either. Le Blanc previously cosplayed as Widowmaker, but specifically as the character’s special Sarah Kerrigan Terran skin.

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The skin itself was cool for combining Overwatch and StarCraft, making the cosplay extra appealing at conventions as it celebrated both Blizzard fandoms in one.

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With so much talent and experience, it will be fun to see what new exciting outfits the cosplayer will think of next.

Plus, with Overwatch 2 in development, there shouldn’t be any shortage of new skins for the model to explore in the future.

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