Overwatch cosplayer takes to the skies in brilliant Dragoon Mercy outfit

Avera's cosplay of Overwatch Dragoon MercyInstagram: avera_cosplay / Blizzard

There’s the easy way of doing a Mercy cosplay, and then there’s Avera’s way. The cosplayer has taken on Dragoon Mercy in one of her latest designs, with an exquisite finish from head-to-toe that has got everyone turning their heads.

It’s one thing to just put on the bare clothes of your favorite character. No armor, no weaponry, just the most basic cosplay. It can still be done well, but sometimes, you’re left wanting just a bit more.

Well, Avera is taking things to the next level. The cosplay, who always goes above and beyond in their designs, has done it once again with Overwatch’s Mercy in her Dragoon anniversary skin.

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Dragoon Mercy in OverwatchBlizzard
Dragoon Mercy features some heavy armor and lots of green, but Avera pulled it off perfectly.

While the skin isn’t the most popular among mains of the Swiss healer, Avera is certainly capturing everyone’s attention with her insanely intricate cosplay.

She designed a full kit of armor, not missing a single detail from the heavily-scaled pieces, right down to the fuzzy trim. She also adorned the skin’s wonderfully-crafted Dragon helmet.

It wasn’t a one-man job. Avera got the help of her friends, including ‘gsprops’, who helped her make the golden staff that goes along with the green and metal cosplay.

Her Mercy cosplay is deserving of every award in the book, and you know it would have done amazingly at BlizzConline if she chose to submit it.

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Instead though, Avera put together another cosplay for that competition which ended up wowing everyone.

Her Plaguebringer cosplay was recognized for being one of the best, finishing in the Top 6 of the Weapons and Armor category.

Given how amazing her recent designs have been, we’re hoping she takes on another fan-favorite from one of Blizzard’s universes and kills it in 2022 when the convention moves back to Anaheim. That’ll be one cosplay you won’t want to miss out on taking a photo with!