Demon Slayer cosplayer shares adorable take on boxed Nezuko Kamado

Brent Koepp
Crunchyroll / Instagram: @mina_starliart

Demon Slayer’s leading heroine Nezuko Kamado was brought to life by a cosplayer’s adorable photoshoot. The artist’s clever use of a prop box is one of the best things fans will ever see. 

Demon Slayer made its explosive debut in 2019, and quickly became the breakout anime of the year. Viewers were hooked to the edge of their seats as the the series’ dark themes and gripping story made for must-see entertainment.

A talented cosplay artist shared her insanely accurate take on one of the show’s main characters, Nezuko Kamado. The artist transformed into the demon-turned heroine, and brought the anime to life with an adorable costume.

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Crunchyroll / Ufotable
Demon Slayer has become a cultural phenomena since its 2019 debut.

Demon Slayer’s Nezuko brought to life

Throughout the show, protagonist Tanjiro does whatever he must to protect his demon-turned sister Nezuko. The cursed sibling is able to grow or shrink her body, and travels in a box on her brother’s back.

Despite the show’s dark premise, it also has some light-hearted moments which cosplayer ‘Mina Starliart’ perfectly depicts with her work. Photographer ‘‘ captured the artist adorably posing under the heroine’s box.

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Mina absolutely nails the character’s look, faithfully mirroring her flowing black hair, which turns vermilion at the bottom. She also mirrored Nezuko’s piercing eyes, which are pink after her cursed transformation.

In another photo, the artist bites down on her bamboo gag piece, which the Kamado sibling uses to stop herself from attacking humans. In what could easily be mistaken for a scene from the series, the Spanish artist poses on top of her box in a forest.

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The cosplayer faithfully re-creates the anime character’s black shawl, which drapes over her pink-patterned yukata. The incredibly detailed outfit was created by ‘dokidokicosplay_official.’ ‘Ismaraglez’ helped with the gorgeous photoshoot.