Dark Souls cosplayer burns bright as amazing Fire Keeper

Andrew Amos
Lindsay Elyse Fire Keeper Dark Souls 3 cosplay

The Fire Keeper in Dark Souls is a friendly sight to come across when journeying around Lothric. Meeting her in the Firelink Shrine lets you shine even brighter as a player by helping you level up, and seeing this cosplay might just have the same effect.

Dark Souls’ Fire Keeper may not be able to see her beauty, but she’s a welcoming NPC to stumble across during your path through Lothric.

Locating in the Firelink Shrine, she can help you ‘heal’ Dark Sigils, and even is linked to one of the game’s endings ⁠— The End of Fire. While she shines bright in-game, Fire Keepers are actually “robbed of light,” serving as vessels for souls.

Fire Keeper in Dark Souls 3
The Fire Keeper is one of the big NPCs in Dark Souls 3.

Cosplayer Lindsay Elyse has managed to perfectly recreate the Fire Keeper in real life though. Her cosplay of the Dark Souls NPC has turned many heads.

Featuring the Keeper’s iconic headwear, Elyse’s cosplay has missed no detail. The deep black dress, covering her from neck-to-toe, is exquisitely lined with jewels.

She also did the arm coverings from scratch, leaving only her fingers exposed to the light ⁠— just like the Keepers in-game. Her cosplay is very true to the character, and looks magnificent.

Of course, she has plenty of uses for it. A Twitch streamer, Elyse actually used images of it to promote her stream where she was playing Dark Souls 3. Hopefully with a cosplay like this, she’d be gunning for The End of Fire ending.

It’d be a challenge to play Dark Souls in the cosplay ⁠— after all, she is completely blind while wearing it ⁠— but it’s still stunning to look at. The cosplayer described it as one of her “dream” cosplays, and she put the effort in to really make it just that.

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