Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer becomes adorable Galar rival Marnie

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Screenshot of Marnie from Pokemon Sword & Shield next to cosplayer.

A Pokemon cosplayer brought popular Sword & Shield character Marnie to life. The artist’s adorable take on the Spikemuth Trainer will warm fans’ hearts.

Ever since her debut in November 2019, Marnie has become one of the breakout stars of Pokemon Sword & Shield. The new character’s fierce personality and punk aesthetic has made her a hit with fans.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the heroine by sharing her mind-blowing transformation into the Gen 8 Trainer. She looks so much like the protagonist, it’s almost as if the Galar rival has jumped out of the screen.

Screenshot of Marnie in Pokemon Sword & Shield smiling.
The Gen 8 rival is already beloved by Pokemon fans.

Pokemon fan wows with Marnie cosplay

While Sword & Shield initially gives players a rival in the form of childhood friend Hop, they are soon met with a challenge by a Trainer named Marnie. The character is from the small town of Spikemuth, and even has her very own entourage called Team Yell.

Cosplayer and Pokemon collector Sarah ‘nerd_princess_sarah‘ transformed into the heroine on Instagram with her insanely accurate costume. The artist faithfully captured the character’s punk-style leather jacket, and the pink pleated dress she wears underneath.

Adorably, Sarah re-created a viral scene from the RPG where Marnie tries to learn how to smile. Putting a finger on each side of her mouth, she grins while standing next to a plushie of Gen 8 ‘mon, Morpeko.

The cosplayer’s take is full of details from the game, such as Marnie’s signature black choker and silver neck choker. She also faithfully mirrored her twin ponytail hairstyle, which includes a red ribbon on the left side of her head. The artist posed as the heroine while holding Morpeko in her arms.

In October 2020, Marnie made her return to Sword & Shield in the form of the Crown Tundra DLC. The expansion brought back the Trainer in the challenging Galar Star Tournament.

Despite releasing only a year ago, the Gen 8 RPG is already on track to becoming the highest-selling title in the Pokemon franchise – proof that it’s addicting Gotta Catch ‘Em All gameplay has never been more popular.

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