Danganronpa cosplayer is the Ultimate Fashionista as crazy Junko Enoshima

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer nozzomi_coplayer next to Junko from Danganronpa

Fan-favorite character Junko Enoshima has been stunningly recreated by cosplayer ‘nozzomi_cosplay,’ perfecting the character’s look in some stunning images, and bringing her personality to life in a series of TikToks.

First released in 2010, Danganronpa is a visual novel game franchise developed by Spike Chunsoft, that features a cast of vibrant and often bizarre characters, which, combined with its chilling concept, make for a game people keep wanting to come back to.

The story focuses on a terrifying school, that you can only ‘graduate’ and therefore escape from by murdering one of your fellow classmates and getting away with it. The thrilling plot has definitely earned its loyal following.

Junko Enoshima in Danganronpa.
Junko’s menacing and erratic behavior make her a frightening prospect.

Junko Enoshima is the Ultimate Fashionista of the game, but more than her fashion, she’s known for being slightly unhinged. However, her personality has not scared fans off, in fact, it’s done quite the opposite.

Cosplayers in particular have fallen for Junko thanks to her fascinating personality and unique aesthetic, and nozzomo_cosplay was one such creator who decided to recreate the character, doing a fantastic job in the process.

Their blonde hair mimics Junko’s thick, voluminous waves, that fall in bunches down the side of their head. The pigtails are, of course, clipped with the iconic twin bear clips that replicate Monokuma’s two sides.


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This theme carries on with the stuffed toy Monokuma that they’re holding, tying the image together perfectly. The red of their bow is replicated in Monokuma’s eyes and the cosplayer’s red fingernails, showing amazing attention to detail that makes the whole cosplay pop.

Nozzomi also really brought Junko to life in a series of TikToks featuring the character, matching Junko’s energy, and showing off the stunning lenses from freshladycontactlenses that really make the cosplay stand out.

The school uniform features the classic black, white and red color combo, and with the ribbons and bows matching the placement in Junko’s original outfit, it’s hard to find a flaw in this amazing recreation.

This cosplay was certainly a success for nozzomi, looking every bit the part of the fan-favorite character.

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