Cyberpunk 2077 cosplayer blends style & violence in stunning Moxes look

Theo Salaun
roga_no_roge x moxes cyberpunk 2077 cosplayInstagram, @roga_no_roge / CD Projekt

Cosplayer ‘roga_na_noge’ has done Cyberpunk 2077’s Moxes gang justice with a look that blends eclectic, colorful fast fashion and unadulterated punk energy.

The Moxes are one of Cyberpunk 2077’s most beloved gangs already, for their bright aesthetic and staunch commitment to mutual self-defense. Angie, otherwise known as roga_na_noge, put together a cosplay that celebrates the group with a series of shots that look like they were ripped straight from Night City.

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Without spoiling much, according to the CD Projekt title’s lore, the Moxes were founded in 2067 on the basis of mutual self-defense for under-protected communities. Clothed in a melange of colorful fast fashion and edgy, spiked punk regalia, the gang’s name is based on a North American slang term, “moxie.”

That term generally refers to a “force of character” and Angie embodies that spirit with a cosplay that is as forcefully colorful as it is seemingly prepared for violence. With inspiration from the game’s gang and an artist, ‘tuabb’s,’ cyberpunk design, this cosplay has props, spikes, and eclecticism galore.

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The Moxes were founded by workers in the escort and adjacent industries and, as such, they maintain their style and of those who they aim to protect. It’s no surprise then, that Angie has opted for a cosplay that echoes colorful, revealing fast fashion.

But a gang wouldn’t be very capable in the lines of defense without an inclination toward violence, so the punk aesthetic is blended seamlessly into the look with sharp spikes, military accessories, and a large pistol.

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In her original caption, she explains that this is an “original design” but with inspiration from tuabb, who drew a “Cyberpunk Girl” design months ago for a Borderlands project. 

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While Angie’s version pulls much of its sourcing from that inspo, it still fits perfectly with the Moxes and the Cyberpunk 2077 aesthetic. The most major departure from the original art is the removal of tuabb’s rabbit helmet and replacement with what appear to be night-vision goggles.

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And, of course, Angie opted for a bright Moxes tattoo below her breastplate instead of the various different tattoos that Tuabb had originally drawn on.

Set against a backdrop with the game’s logo, Angie’s cosplay feels like a perfect fit for the title. Somehow, rocking rare Nike Air Prestos with neon colors feels perfectly fitting alongside the pistol and mismatched outfit.

Also fitting is the caption for her final shot of the look, one describing the gang succinctly: “MOXES, they are far from being saints and those who protect.”

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