Creepy Dead by Daylight Artist cosplayer is out for revenge

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Dec 02, 2021
dead by daylight artist cosplay
Auroraboringalis, Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight’s The Artist is here to bathe the streets in the blood of unfortunate Survivors, and one cosplayer has brought her to life with this eerie cosplay. 

In the wake of Dead by Daylight’s newest update, Portrait of a Murderer, all eyes are on the mysterious new Killer, The Artist.

Sent to an early grave for trying to expose and expunge corruption through her work, The Artist is back to exert her bloody revenge on those responsible for her death – and, of course, anyone else that gets in her way.

Celebrating the new chapter in style, cosplayer and classic horror enthusiast, auroraboringalis, is ready to stalk the plains of Dead by Daylight’s Eyrie of Crows with their stunning rendition of the undead nightmare.

dead by daylight the artist
Behaviour Interactive
Flanked by an ominous murder of crows, The Artist is out for blood.

Dead by Daylight Artist cosplay embodies vengeance

Telling Dexerto that they have “always loved horror & horror games,” Dead by Daylight’s character designs have always attracted them as they “are always so cool!”

“The second I saw The Artist & her design I immediately wanted to do a cosplay as her,” they recall. “The whole aesthetic of her character just really drew me in instantly.”

Perfectly encapsulating the character’s moody yet mournful aesthetic, Aurora has done a perfect job of recreating this tortured creature. Framed by a background of tattered newspapers and letters, her ebony hair cascades down her shoulders and glistens in the candlelight.

Soulless black eyes bore into your soul, ink trickles down The Artist’s face, and those sharpened talons are perfectly sculpted and ready to rip some Survivors apart. Aurora even has one of the character’s feathered friends to keep them company!

While they describe this cosplay as “pretty easy,” they go on to state that it was “a little bit more tricky than my typical casual cosplay because of all the details in the face makeup.”

With The Artist out there for players to dominate on, Aurora is excited to sink their talons into Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer. “I am so excited to play her and test out her abilities,” they told Dexerto, and we’re sure they’ll be slaying innocents in no time.

We’ll just make sure that we’re well out of their way.