Creepy BioShock cosplayer bodypaints her way under the sea as a Little Sister

BioShock bodypaint cosplayer Little SisterInstagram: charrar.b / 2K Games

It’s been 14 years since Little Sisters first creeped everyone out in the original BioShock but this bodypainting expert is here to remind us all of the fright once again.

Little Sisters were a terrifying sight when first venturing around Rapture. While they never posed a threat by themselves, spotting one always meant that a Big Daddy wasn’t far behind.

Choosing whether to harvest or rescue them was one of the biggest decisions players had to make every time an encounter kicked off.

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Regardless of which way you leaned, there’s no denying their genetic alterations gave off a terrifying visual. Their pale skin matched with bright yellow eyes was an unmistakable look as they hunted down corpses in the underwater city.

More than a decade later and that chilling look has been captured in a completely unique way thanks to some bodypainting skills from ‘charrar.b.’


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After taking on characters from the likes of Halo, Overwatch, and Borderlands, the British body painter turned her sights to the BioShock series. From the chest up, she transformed herself into an ominous Little Sister.

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A spitting image of their model in-game, her costume featured a bright purple top with a matching bow. Beyond that, every other part of her body was covered with dim grey paint to discolor her skin and match that of the underwater children.

With her eyes closed, she completed the look with the disturbing yellow glow sure to make anyone frightened. Every aspect of the design was brought together with paint and nothing more.

Revealing her path in the first game, the body painter explained why she “always rescued” Little Sisters in BioShock.

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“I couldn’t bring myself to harvest,” she said. “They’re just too cute.”

BioShock Big Daddy and Little Sister2K Games
Little Sisters were always kept safe thanks to the Big Daddy by their side.

While this work of art was enough to explode on Reddit, the creator appears eager to work on another BioShock figure in the future. “Big Daddy next,” she joked, adding that she’d “love to” work on the protective character at some stage.

Be sure to check her full range of work on more than a dozen memorable characters, including none other than Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite.

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