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Cosplayer shows off ultimate version of Danganronpa’s Peko Pekoyama

Published: 24/Jan/2020 15:57

by Matt Porter


A talented cosplayer has lifted Peko Pokoyama straight out of the world of Danganronpa and brought her to life with an incredible representation of the “Ultimate Swordswoman.”

The Danganropa franchise kicked off in 2012 with visual novel Trigger Happy Havoc, and since then has become infamous for its terrifying gameplay and storylines that see players investigate murders, search for clues, and take part in deadly trials as they try to track down who the killer is.

The series has gained a cult following, with many obsessed with the characters found inside these stories, and cosplayer ‘Snailcos’ has become the latest to show off their appreciation, breaking out an incredible version of Peko Pekoyama from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


Peko Pekoyama
Spike Chunsoft
The Ultimate Swordswoman is a stern combatant in Danganronpa 2.

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Incredible Peko Pekoyama cosplay

In the second Danganronpa, Pekoyana is a stern and serious woman, with a keen interest in martial arts and an incredible talent with swords, earning her title thanks to her skill. She’s rarely seen without a bamboo sword slung over her shoulder, ready to be brought out to practice at any moment.

Of course, Snailcos made sure to include this in her incredible cosplay, holding a sword just like Pekoyama’s and posing in her Hope’s Peak Academy uniform, complete with the same school jumper that she wears in the games, and making sure to ditch the blazer, just like the Ultimate Swordswoman does.



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“My name is Peko Pekoyama. It is nice to meet you, too.”⚔️⛓ • More Peko! Thank you for showing so me much love on my first Peko post, it means a lot since this cosplay has been in the back of the cosplay vault for a long, long, long time!? At Katsu I’ll be able to get much more content of her and I hope you’re excited! Because I sure am!?❤️✨ • • • • • #danganronpa #danganronpacosplay #superdanganronpa2 #superdanganronpa2cosplay #superdanganronpa2goodbyedespair #pekopekoyama #pekopekoyamacosplay #sdr2 #sdr2cosplay #anime #animegirl #cosplay #cosplaygirl #spikechunsoft #cosplayersofinstagram #kawaii #circlelenses #animecosplay #danganronpa2 #katsucon #katsucon2020 #danganronpa2goodbyedespair #superdanganronpa2goodbyedespair

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Snailcos has made sure even the finest of details are perfect, completing the look with the same red lipstick that the character wears, ribbons in her hair, and the dark-framed glasses that complete Pekoyama’s look.

Even her mannerisms are perfect, making sure not to smile in any pictures, as Peko herself claims she doesn’t know how to smile, forgetting how to because she didn’t think it was necessary to show the emotion as a child.

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Snailcos has picked up over 8,000 followers on her Instagram account dedicated to cosplay, showing that we aren’t the only ones who think she perfectly captures the characters she protrays.


She has also dressed up as characters from the Persona franchise, and as Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia.