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Cosplayer shares extraterrestrial take on My Hero Academia’s Mina Ashido

Published: 4/Dec/2019 20:39 Updated: 4/Dec/2019 20:46

by Brent Koepp


A talented My Hero Academia fan brought Alien Queen Mina Ashido to life with their incredibly accurate take on the lovable pink hero.

My Hero Academia continues to be largely popular ever since the anime aired back in 2016, as fans love following the superheroes on their adventures.

It follows protagonist Izuku Midoriya who is born ‘quirkless’ (without a superpower), but who eventually inherits one from the number one hero, All Might.

He ends up attending U.A. High – a prestigious school for budding heroes – and is placed in Class 1A alongside a handful of other students, who have quickly become favorites with fans – including Mina ‘Pinky’ Ashido.

FunimationPinky is a favorite with fans.

Mina Ashido comes to life

Mina, also known as Pinky or the Alien Queen, is a pink-haired, pink-skinned heroine who specializes in the Acid quirk. Skilled cosplayer Alex ‘pockythief’ decided to breathe life into the unique-looking character, and completely nailed the look.

Not only did she match her alien-esque skin tone almost one for one, she also styled the pink wig to perfectly replicate the hero’s shaggy, unkempt locks.

If that wasn’t enough, the Greek-American took her take a step further by using full black contact lenses to mimic the Alien Queen’s piercing eyes for that extra creepy vibe.

Pinky’s hero costume consists of a blue and purple skin-tight bodysuit that allows the Pro Hero trainee to camouflage into her surroundings when using her Acid quirk.

Alex replicates her suit perfectly, and pulls the look together with the tan-colored waistcoat that covers her shoulders with fur. 

She even includes the heroine’s signature yellow horns that protrude out of the wig, making sure that not even a single detail is missed in her intricate take on the cute yet creepy U.A. student.

Pockythief’s work has drawn in many fans, with her Instagram cosplay account boasting over 76,300 followers as of the time of writing.

She’s also dressed up as other My Hero Academia characters, such as The Big 3’s Nejire Hadou, Uraraka Ochako, and Camie Utsushimi, proving just how much she loves the popular show.



My Hero Academia cosplayer kicks her enemies as epic Rabbit Miruko

Published: 20/Nov/2020 23:00

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia cosplayer’s transformation into Rabbit Hero: Miruko made shockwaves on Instagram. The artist’s perfect re-creation of the popular character will leave fans stunned.

My Hero Academia was the breakout anime of 2016. Since its epic debut, the series has exploded into an absolute cultural phenomena. Fans around the world can’t get enough of its story about a high-school that trains teenagers with superpowers called quirks.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the beloved franchise by sharing her true-to-life take on popular protagonist Rumi Usagiyama. The artist brought the character’s alt ego, Rabbit Miruko, to life with her incredible costume.

Screenshot of My Hero Academia character Miruko.
Crunchyroll / Bones
The Rabbit hero was introduced in Season 4 of the anime.

My Hero Academia cosplayer becomes true-to-life Miruko

While a wildly popular character in the manga, Miruko was only introduced in Season 4 of the anime adaptation in 2020. The rabbit-based hero became an instant hit after making her animated debut, and quickly trended online after viewers fell in love with her design.

Cosplayer Leira ‘leiracosplays‘ brought the popular heroine to life. The talented artist took a picture of her posing in the hero’s iconic white and purple bodysuit, and put it next to images from the manga to show how accurate her portrayal is.

In the series, Miruko’s quirk has her inheriting traits of a rabbit, which allows her to bounce around and stomp on enemies with her strong legs. Leira captured this aspect by recreating her long ears and her fluffy tail, as well as her flowing white hair which drapes over her shoulders.


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Taking her cosplay further, the dedicated artist filmed a video to show fans her depiction of the My Hero Academia protagonist in motion. In the clip, she faithfully mirrors the character’s signature hero pose.


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My Hero Academia originally made its debut as a manga in 2014. However it became a worldwide phenomena after it was adapted into an anime by Studio Bones a couple years later.

In 2020, the animated series finished its fourth arc, and will return in 2021 with its fifth season. Those wanting to catch up can watch all episodes on Crunchyroll and Funimation.