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Cosplayer perfects Tifa Lockhart to celebrate Final Fantasy VII Remake

Published: 11/Apr/2020 18:44

by Daniel Cleary


With the release of Final Fantasy VII’s Remake finally upon us, cosplayer Vampy left fans blown away with an incredible portrayal of the fan-favorite character, Tifa Lockhart.

Fans have been anticipating the release of the improved Final Fantasy VII for over five years since it was first teased, as many were too eager to return to action in Midgar.

Despite the game release being delayed by just over a month, many celebrated the April 10 release of the classic PlayStation title with incredible artwork and cosplays to mark the occasion.

Square Enix
Tifa Lockhart is one of the most popular characters in the Final Fantasy series.

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Among those celebrating the latest Final Fantasy game was Vampy, who decided to bring back one of her former cosplays, recreating fan-favorite character Tifa Lockhart or “Lockheart” ahead of April 10.


Lockheart, who is a childhood friend and love interest of the protagonist, Cloud Strife, is one of the few playable characters in FF7R, and is often considered by cosplayers for her unique style and personality within the series.

Vampy shared her incredible attempt at recreating Tifa’s recognizable black-and-white outfits with her followers, praised for bringing the fierce bruiser to life.

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“Happy Final Fantasy 7 Remake day!” she expressed, ”showing some love to my forever love Tifa Lockhart.”

The cosplayer demonstrated her incredible attention to detail with every aspect of the outfit, even creating matching elbow guards and gloves for Tifa’s signature look.



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Vampy is not the only Tifa fan who has cosplayed the popular character, however, as Twitch streamer Jinnytty also attempted to recreate the FF7R star but was unfortunately met with backlash from trolls despite her best efforts.

With the launch of Final Fantasy 7’s Remake officially underway, cosplays, such as the incredible take on Tifa from Vampy, will surely add even more hype to the release of the classic title.