Cosplayer celebrates Halloween as Pennywise with horrifying female twist

Michael Gwilliam
Cosplayer as Pennywise from It
Instagram/blood.raven/Warner Bros

As Halloween draws closer, cosplayers are getting into the spirit by dressing up as some of the classic horror characters from history and Pennywise from Stephen Kingโ€™s It is perfect for the occasion.

Cosplayer Bloodraven decided to show off her take on the demonic clown in a series of images taken at a photoshoot.

If you didnโ€™t know better, the cosplay would look like it was ripped right from the movie considering how impressive it is.

All of the iconic characterโ€™s facial traits are present with some minor adjustments to fit Bloodravenโ€™s female figure.

The red nose and lines over the mouth to the cheekbones remain intact, but instead of a nasty hairdo, Bloodraven decided her take would be more feminine.

To pull this off, she added some bows in her hair while still matching the villainโ€™s bright orange style.

Moving onto her attire, the dress remains consistent with some minor tweaks to make it her own. Thereโ€™s a bit more pink to the ensemble that make it stand out.

Overall, itโ€™s a frightening take on Pennywise and a compelling case that the character could be female in a future reboot.

Aside from the clown, Bloodraven has also cosplayed as many characters from anime, movies, games and more.

Her works include Midnight from My Hero Academia, Mary Saotome from Kakegurui, Death Noteโ€™s Misa Amane, and Overwatchโ€™s DPS hero Ashe to name a few.