Back 4 Blood cosplayer slays as battle ready Holly

Lauren Bergin
Back 4 Blood Holly cosplay image
Cahlaflour, Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood’s Holly has become a fan favorite within the game’s community, but one cosplayer’s stunning cosplay brings her into the real world. 

Left 4 Dead’s spiritual sequel, Back 4 Blood, has zombie survivalists everywhere prepping for armageddon in order to efficiently slay the undead hordes.

With eight playable characters each sporting their own unique perks, baseball bat queen Holly has stolen the hearts of B4B players. You can’t help but crack a smile at her unwavering positivity, with her quirky voice lines being some of the best in the game.

Looking to embody the Cleaners’ resident cheerleader is California-based cosplayer Cahlaflour, who has brought the feisty redhead to life.

Back 4 Blood character Holly shooting
Turtle Rock Studios
Holly may be the team’s morale booster, but she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Back 4 Blood Holly cosplay is ready to slay

As an avid fan of horror games, Back 4 Blood’s release coincided perfectly with Cahla’s plans for the spooky season.

“I’m really into horror and shooter games, so any game that combines those AND lets me play with friends makes me super excited,” she told Dexerto. “It is also a relatively big launch specifically in October when I do my horror/cosplay month on Twitch so I thought it worked perfectly!”

Why did she opt for Holly, though? It turns out the two have quite a lot in common. “She’s a badass redhead… who doesn’t want to be that?” she asks. “Honestly though, I have a lot of fun cosplaying redheads because then I don’t have to wear super awful scratchy wigs that squeeze my brain.

“I also really liked her voice lines when I played her in alpha/beta and fell in love with her spunkiness. She reminded me of myself a bit with her goofy lines she’d say. “Pew pew motherf**ker” while casually taking out Ridden probably being my favorite.”


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While Cahla notes that constructing the outfit for this cosplay “wasn’t too bad” in comparison to others like her Lady Dimitrescu, she recalls that creating Holly’s famous baseball bat (affectionally dubbed “Dottie”) was the most difficult part of the transformation.

“The bat though… that’s my pride and joy,” she enthuses. “I had looked for a bat forever but kept striking out (ha). I finally stumbled into a Spirit Halloween that had a really basic foam bat that I purchased and then weathered the crap out of it to make it look beat up and battle-ready.

“It’s mostly different acrylic paints to make the wood look darker, aged and like it has splotches of blood. The nails were made out of clay that I sculpted, painted to look metal, and then superglued to the bat in different places to make the nails look like they went through it.”

The finished product looks pretty damn deadly, and we wouldn’t want to be the poor Ridden that finds itself on the other side of it.

While Cahla laments that “as of right now I don’t have anymore B4B cosplays in the works (even though Karlee is a dream)” she told Dexerto that “I have a TON of other cosplays I’m waiting to unveil this month and in the future. Cosplay is a huge passion of mine and I can’t wait to show you all what else is next!”

While we’re crossing our fingers that a Cahla version of Karlee appears down the line, we can’t wait to see what this spunky redhead will pull out of her cosplay box next. All eyes are on her Twitch!