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Back 4 Blood dev ready to give Ridden a beating with amazing Holly cosplay

Published: 18/Aug/2021 2:41

by Alan Bernal


The Back 4 Blood scratched many people’s zombie-killing itch throughout it’s closed Beta window, and there’s been plenty of fanship built along the way – and you can bet Turtle Rock Studios is feeling the hype.

Influencer Communications Manager at Turtle Rock, Alissa Barry-Toth got into character and stepped into the shoes of B4B character, Holly Forrester. The cosplay is one of so many that have popped off since the beta.

Just like Left 4 Dead before it, Turtle Rock introduced unique characters to the fray with eight distinct personalities, backstories, gameplay, and more.

There’s plenty of great characters and with the attention to detail to each one, there’s plenty of opportunity for fans to get creative in their recreations.


Devs are fans of their games too, and Barry-Toth showed just that after going all-out with her cosplay for the high-spirited Holly. In the game, the character is really enthusiastic about killing Ridden, the game’s ‘nom de undead’ for zombies.

B4B did a really good job at making melee loadouts feel as good as its shooting counterpart. Holly comes equipped with a spiked baseball bat named Dottie and specializes in close-quarters to rush in and clear out the undead.

She made an early impression on fans with her back-cap attitude and hack-n-slash gameplay that dreams are made of.


Turtle Rock Studios
Holly is Back 4 Blood’s zombie-smashing specialist.

Holly’s got a zombie-killing craze and the cosplayer nailed her recreation down to the heavily-used bat with a whole lot of nails.

B4B hasn’t even officially released yet, but there’s already a ton of cosplayers who’ve already tried their hand at a Cleaner from the game. As a spiritual successor to L4D, there’s going to be a ton of fans intrigued by nostalgia of the last franchise while being excited for the new title’s take on the formula.

As the fandom grows, expect there to be a lot more cosplays from the B4B community as we get closer to its October 12 release date.