Attack on Titan cosplayer shows fighting spirit as Mikasa Ackerman

Published: 4/Oct/2020 18:17

by Georgina Smith


A talented cosplayer has blown Attack on Titan fans away with her Mikasa Ackerman cosplay, an amazingly accurate recreation of the fan-favorite character.

Attack on Titan has experienced enormous success since it’s debut in 2013, with fans across the globe loving the bizarre yet chilling concept, and it’s fascinating characters that are perfect for cosplayers to innovate upon.


The show is dark-fantasy and action, set in a world where humans are in peril thanks to the frightening presence of huge humanoid giants called Titans, who roam the world looking to eat people.

Its commercial success among critics and fans alike has secured it as an iconic anime, and with the fourth season approaching in December, the buzz has started all over again, cosplays springing up left, right, and center.

Ackerman is a fierce and talented soldier in the Scout regiment.

One cosplay that certainly has fans getting excited for the final season is Anongnoon on Instagram, a cosplayer from Thailand. She chose to cosplay Mikasa Ackerman, known for her level-headedness, but equally for her supreme combat abilities, a decidedly awesome female protagonist.

Anongnoon’s acute attention to detail has resulted in a look that appears just like a 3D version of her anime counterpart, keeping in with the animated simplicity but of course with a realistic edge.

Her tan Survey Corps jacket has that utility feel, with the patches printed onto the arm and pocket identifying her as a member of the team.


Her white shirt is overlaid with a thin brown belt that is wrapped around her chest, indicative of the harness that is common for many of the characters to wear in the show, again giving Anongnoon’s recreation a military-like aesthetic.

The outfit is complete with a red scarf that Mikasa is commonly seen wearing, and against the almost-black brown hair that frames her face in a voluminous bob, she looks exactly the part.

With almost 10,000 likes on Instagram the Mikasa recreation was clearly a hit, and has got fans excited for the December release of Season 4.


My Hero Academia cosplayer creates shockwaves as Nejire Hado

Published: 20/Oct/2020 12:40

by Matt Porter


A talented My Hero Academia cosplayer has shown off her incredible take on one of U.A. High School’s ‘Big 3’, the powerful and popular Nejire Hado. 

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without superpowers who dreams of becoming a pro hero. A chance encounter with his idol All Might leads to Deku being gifted the legendary quirk known as One For All, and with his newfound abilities enrolls at U.A. High to learn how to harness them under the tutelage of the Symbol of Peace himself.


Throughout his years at the school, Midoriya meets lots of characters who become part of his legacy there, including a run-in with third-year students Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado. These three stand alone as the most powerful students at U.A. High, and earned the nickname ‘The Big 3″ thanks to their abilities and performances.

While Amajiki is shy and introverted, Togata is the exact opposite, full of optimism and inspiration. Somewhere in-between their two extreme personalities sits the kind, thoughtful, and popular Nejire Hado, who quickly became a fan-favorite after her introduction as part of Class 1-A’s Hero Work Students.

Bones Inc
Nejire is part of U.A’s ‘Big 3’, the most powerful students at the entire school.

While Nejire can sometimes be viewed as a bit of an “airhead” due to her almost constant sunny disposition, she is clever, quick-witted, and incredibly powerful, with her Wave Motion quirk giving her the ability to convert her own vitality into energy, and use it to create powerful spiral shockwaves that send enemies flying. Using this powerful ability does drain the hero though as it uses her own stamina, often leaving Hado with great exhaustion.

While she can often be seen in her U.A. High School uniform, cosplayer ‘elaine.rose.cosplay‘ has shown off her take on the character in her hero outfit, complete with the blue bodysuit that Nejire wears into combat, with pale mint green markings and turquoise framing.

Nejire’s blue hair falls down her back, complete with the bangs that sit on either side of her face, while her two spiraling horns of hair stick up high on her head, making this one of the most accurate Hado cosplays we’ve seen.


Since releasing as an anime back in 2016, My Hero Academia has become a smash hit across the globe, with fans who prefer the English dub getting to watch it at the same time as their Japanese-favoring counterparts for Season 4.

The fourth season of the show has now completed, leaving fans anxious for more. Unfortunately, there’s currently no word on when we’ll see the fifth season, with only the confirmation that it will take place for viewers to hold onto for the foreseeable future.

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