Attack on Titan cosplayer looks ready to scout as Sasha Braus

Matt Porter
Sasha firing an arrow in Attack on Titan.

[jwplayer MDxzN19r]An Attack on Titan cosplayer has created a perfect version of the always-ravenous Sasha Braus, the Scout regiment member whose thoughts never stray far from her next meal. 

Attack on Titan made its debut back in 2013, immediately becoming a cultural phenomenon thanks to its brutal action and relentlessly dark story, as Eren Yaeger joins the Scout regiment in hopes of the giant humanoid creatures known as Titans who killed his mother and forced humanity to retreat behind the safety of gigantic walls.

After joining the Scouts, Eren meets a number of interesting characters as he trains to take down the vicious creatures, and while she doesn’t always play a major role in the story, few Scouts have gained as much popularity as Sasha, who has such an incredible appetite that she earned the nickname ‘Potato Girl’ after her constant attempts to steal from the infantry stores.

Sasha eating a potato in Attack on Titan.
It’s easy to see why Sasha’s nickname is ‘Potato Girl’.

While it’s easy to write off Sasha as just a hungry soldier, there’s much more to her than that, which is what makes her so popular with fans. Not only does she add some much-needed comic relief with her antics, but she’s also proved that she’s a valuable member of the Survey Core, with her sharp intuition, her bravery, and her wise judgement of danger proving to be vital in the regiment’s battle against the Titans.

Cosplayer ‘mangoe.cos‘ showed off her perfect recreation of the character, capturing the character’s love for food perfectly with a giant bread roll, which she holds in her right hand.

Of course, the outfit itself is perfect, wearing the regiment’s classic brown jacket complete with the Scout’s logo, commonly known as the ‘Wings of Freedom.’ Mangoe even recreated the harnesses that every Scout wears across their torso and legs, usually used to hold their ODM gear so they can swing towards Titans and slice the nape of their necks.

Attack on Titan’s third season ended with a mind-blowing revelation about the origin of the Titans and the war that the Scouts have waged for hundreds of years, leaving fans desperately waiting for the final season of the show.

The good news is that the fourth season of the anime will arrive on time in fall 2020, with the teaser trailer released in late May.