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Arknights cosplayer jumps into battle as flawless Exusiai

Published: 6/Nov/2020 7:55

by Andrew Amos


Exusiai is everyone’s favourite apple pie enthusiast in Arknights, as well as Penguin Logistics’ finest operators. She might be one of the most popular characters to cosplay in the popular mobile game, but ‘meesiamp’ has pulled off the perfect one.

The whole Penguin Logistics organization in Arknights is one of the most popular in the game. The delivery company who puts it all on the line to make sure packages make it across Lungmen is home to some of the game’s fan-favorite operators.

There’s arguably none more popular than the red-haired Exusiai though. The Laterano angel hopped on Penguin Logistics’ mission to help Rhodes Island take down Reunion ⁠— with that same at-all-costs M.O.


Penguin Logistics in Arknights
Exusiai is part of the much-loved Penguin Logistics group in Arknights.

Cosplayer ‘meesiamp’ took on Exusiai though, and she’s definitely pulled off the look.

She pulled out the angelic cosplay in a recent photoshoot, and it looks incredible. First things first, she’s nailed the basic design perfectly. From Exusiai’s hoodie, down to one of her eight wanted guns as a prop, it looks like the messenger in-game.

However, the most amazing part of this cosplay is the wings. Meesiamp made Exusiai’s wings and managed to get them to float by connecting each bit with wire.

It really makes a difference too. It elevates Meesiamp’s Exusiai cosplay from great to practically flawless. The hell-firing angel looks ready to defend Rhodes Island and help fight back against Reunion ⁠— all in a day’s work.



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It’s not the first Arknights cosplay meesiamp has done. She also cosplayed the Saintess Pramanix, even going as far as designing her trademark bell.

Now with one of the Penguin Logistics characters down, here’s to hoping that messiamp takes on some of the others! Texas, Mostima, Croissant ⁠— all are fan-favorites of Arknights players, and if they’re anything like her Exusiai cosplay, they’ll be amazing.

If you were looking for something a bit different though, meesiamp also cosplays a bunch of League of Legends champions, and even takes on anime hits like Demon Slayer. Check them out over at her Instagram page!