Apex Legends cosplayer creates flawless Lifeline and Respawn loved it

Georgina Smith
Apex Legends Liftetime next to cosplayer Ninjayla

A talented cosplayer has brought back her recreation of Lifeline from Apex Legends, doing such a good job that developers Respawn even jumped in to send praise for her take on the medic character.

Apex Legends has proven to be a huge source of inspiration for many cosplayers, with their fantastically diverse range of Legends it’s hard to resist wanting to recreate the detailed designs. There’s also an array of in-game skins that can be used for inspiration.

True to her name, Lifeline is a medic responsible for keeping her team up and running, using her healing abilities to restore health and ensure her allies’ chance at victory. Lifeline’s style is both cute and functional, meaning she’s been a popular choice for cosplayers.

One cosplayer that gave recreating Lifeline’s look a try was Ninjayla, and it’s safe to say that she’s done an insanely good job of putting together a look that could have been pulled right out of the screen.

Lifeline is one of Apex’s most popular picks.

Ninjayala actually donned this look in 2019 as well, but with Halloween arriving, it was the perfect time to bring it back.

Her copper red hair is almost exactly the same color as Lifeline’s, with the glossy locks pulled into two large buns on either side of her head. Pushing back her hair is an exact replica of her blue and white headband, as well as a neck scarf tied around her neck.

Her white bardot top is overlaid with a thick black harness that gives a functional yet equally stylish edge, along with a medical bloodpack bag clipped to one side.

Ninjayla did a crazy good job of recreating the popular medic, and Apex Legends’ developers at Respawn seemed to agree, replying to her cosplay post with a series of clapping emojis to applaud her for her outstanding costume skills.

This cosplayer didn’t stop at pictures, however, and even went live on Twitch dressed as Lifeline to play a bit of the game, much to the delight of her viewers who loved the cosplay too.

Ninjayla’s fantastic post has now garnered over 10,000 likes on Twitter, just going to show how amazingly accurate her costume skills are.