Incredible Apex Legends cosplays in November: Lifeline, Wattson, Wraith

Joe Craven
Reddit: its4ngelnichole/Respawn Entertainment

With character models as unique as those featured in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, there is massive scope for creative cosplays, as these individuals demonstrate. 

Cosplaying has always been incredibly popular in the Apex Legends community, with many doing their best to emulate the unique characters that Respawn Entertainment have masterfully created.

Here, we’ve collated our favorites from the last month or so. Lifeline is the most popular, followed by Wraith and Wattson.

Respawn EntertainmentA new legend is typically added to Apex Legends every season, widening cosplay possibilities.

Kicking off our favorites are a couple of Lifeline cosplays, seeing the in-game healer recreated with incredible accuracy.

Reddit users ‘itsninjayla’ and ‘its4ngelnichole’ shared their versions of the medic, garnering thousands of upvotes on the Apex Legends subreddit.

The first, created by ‘ninjayla‘, is seriously impressive. Arguably the most commendable feature is the spot-on hair and headband, paired with the medical lanyard which perfectly encapsulates Lifeline’s aesthetics.

Reddit: itsninjaylaNinjayla’s recreation of Lifeline.

The second Lifeline cosplay comes from ‘4ngelNichole‘ and is also staggeringly accurate. The headband and hair is awesome, as is the body art, making for another seriously cool Lifeline interpretation.

Reddit: its4ngelnichole/Respawn EntertainmentAnother seriously impressive Lifeline cosplay.

The next cosplay featured is a recreation of Wraith, Apex Legends’ inter-dimensional skirmisher. Known mostly for her dark outfit, rich in blue and black, she is very similar in aesthetics to ‘Speed-o’-Sound Sonic’ from One-Punch-Man, the Japanese anime.

Reddit user ‘dduck_x3‘ made the outfit for a convention earlier this year, joking that many mistook her for Sonic from OPM.

However, when put side-by-side with Wraith, the outfit recreation is impressive.

Reddit: dduck_x3/Respawn EntertainmentWraith is a more simple, but still challenging, legend to cosplay.

Our final favorite cosplay is of Wattson, the static defender who was added for Season 2 of Respawn’s Titanfall-esque battle royale.

Created by ‘capnmomo‘, it is her first attempt at a cosplay, which makes it even more impressive. Not only is the backpack seriously accurate, but the outfit itself is colorful and vibrant, in true Wattson fashion.

She explains that she ran out of time to make the other props, but the cosplay remains seriously cool nonetheless.

Reddit: capnmomo/Respawn EntertainmentWattson was added for Season 2 of Apex Legends.

That rounds up our favorite Apex Legends cosplays from the last month or so. The characters in Respawn’s game are fairly unique and hard to recreate, making them all even more impressive.

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