Amazing Yu-Gi-Oh Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon cosplay would make Kaiba blush

Eli Becht
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Cosplay

Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Seto Kaiba’s greatest monster, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, comes to life with this cosplay and it’s hard to imagine him not being impressed by this one.

Oftentimes when you see someone try to cosplay a monster from Yu-Gi-Oh!, it’ll be a monster with a human form like Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl, but we see you can also have success with some of the other ones too.

If you’ve watched the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series then you’re no doubt familiar with Kaiba’s marquee monster, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It’s powerful for sure, but it gains even more power when you fuse three of them together to create the fearsome Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Becoming a three-headed dragon is no small task to accomplish, but Mai Siegrist did it flawlessly. In fact, her and her husband cosplay together and fittingly, he went as Kaiba.

She was able to take a unique spin on the costume by making the main dragon head as her actual head, but took the additional two heads and fitted them to her arms. It’s an impressive show of creativity so we’ll give it bonus points for that.

As for her husband, his cosplay is rounded out with Kaiba’s signature Kaiba Corp coat and a duel disk that was created for the Battle City tournament.

Things got even better when the couple ran into Kaiba’s long-time rival, Yugi Muto, and posed in a picture with him.

The hardest part of a Yugi cosplay, especially when he’s Yami Yugi, which is when the Pharoah is in control of his body, is his hair. This cosplayer did a good job at nailing that so she definitely deserves some props.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Dark Magician in tow so we don’t get to see her pose with Yugi’s iconic card.

As for the Blue-Eyes and Kaiba couple, the two of them cosplay together quite often. On their Instagram page, you can see their other outfits ranging from things like Dragon Ball Super and One Punch Man all the way to Overwatch.

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