Hard to find Yu-Gi-Oh deck at its lowest price at Amazon

Ash Singh

Printed in 2016, the hard-to-find Rise of the True Dragons pre-built deck is a great boost to collections and it’s at its lowest current price at Amazon.

Yu-Gi-Oh structure deck, Rise of the True Dragons, is at its current lowest price unless you delve into the European market and pick up a non-English deck. The hard-to-find deck has clearly been out of print for a while, and the one $53.99 listing on TCGPlayer.

Originally printed in 2016, the deck saw a lot of popularity when it was originally launched. Featuring powerful cards to support a variety of dragon decks, it’s a super easy boost to any deck today.

Despite its relatively high price on Amazon, it does come with an 11% discount to sweeten the pot and it’s also considerably lower than TCGPlayer’s current listing. Compared to TCGPlayer’s market pricing, you’ll be saving over $10 on top of it.

Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck is in stock at Amazon

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck

A large part of playing Yu-Gi-Oh is sacrificing cards to pay costs for others you’re about to play and putting them in the graveyard/discard pile. With the Rise of the True Dragons deck, this is sped along with low-level cards, to cheat out higher-level dragon cards that you’ll be dumping during the game.

The included spell, Return of the Dragon Lords, revives powerful dragon cards from the graveyard without restrictions. This is a key play and an excellent card, currently worth $10 on its own.

As an uncommon find below regular retail value, the current deal presents a nice opportunity to acquire this ready-to-use dragon deck before it is even harder to find.

Rise of the True Dragons structure deck list

Card nameRarity
Dragon Lord TokenCommon
Arkbrave DragonUltra Rare
Divine Dragon Lord FelgrandUltra Rare
Dragon Knight of CreationSuper Rare
Paladin of FelgrandCommon
Guardian of FelgrandCommon
Felgrand DragonCommon
Darkblaze DragonCommon
Herald of CreationCommon
Decoy DragonCommon
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal DragonCommon
Red-Eyes WyvernCommon
White Night DragonCommon
Darkstorm DragonCommon
Armed Protector DragonCommon
Evilswarm ZahakCommon
Eclipse WyvernCommon
White Dragon WyverbursterCommon
Black Dragon CollapserpentCommon
Keeper of the ShrineCommon
Kidmodo DragonCommon
Jain, Lightsworn PaladinCommon
Ehren, Lightsworn MonkCommon
Raiden, Hand of the LightswornCommon
Card TrooperCommon
Ruins of the Divine Dragon LordsSuper Rare
Return of the Dragon LordsSuper Rare
Dragon RavineCommon
A Wingbeat of Giant DragonCommon
Foolish BurialCommon
Hand DestructionCommon
Reinforcement of the ArmyCommon
The Warrior Returning AliveCommon
Charge of the Light BrigadeCommon
Dragon’s RebirthCommon
Burst BreathCommon
Needlebug NestCommon
Breakthrough SkillCommon
Call of the HauntedCommon
Oasis of Dragon SoulsCommon

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