YouTuber smashes his dad’s $3.5m Pagani hypercar in dramatic crash

GGExotics crashes Pagani HuyaraYouTube: Blake Covington / GGExotics

Driving your parent’s car is always a risky business, but when that car is worth over 3 million dollars, it’s even more of a risk. Unfortunately for YouTuber GGExotics, that risk ended badly, after he totaled his dad’s Pagani Huyara Roadster. 

GGExotics has fast become well-known on YouTube thanks to his impressive car content. With his dad being a billionaire, Gage has access to a variety of iconic hypercars, including a Ferrari LaFerrari and Bugatti Chiron.

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While the previously-mentioned hypercars are certainly impressive, the rarest car in the fleet was a purple Pagani Huyara Roadster. Costing around $3.5 million, it was also one of the most expensive cars that he owned.

GGExotics PaganiYouTube: GG Exotics
The bodywork of the Huyara Roadster is made of intricate Carbon Fiber.

GGExotics crashes Pagani Huyara Roadster

Unfortunately, despite having driven the Huyara a number of times, including during a ‘life swap’ with YouTube star Tanner Fox, disaster struck the Pagani.

First reported by YouTuber Life Of Palos, Gage has reportedly crashed his father’s multi-million dollar Pagani.

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Thankfully, everyone seems to be OK and no other vehicles appear to be involved, but the Huyara is in a bad way.

The footage shared by Life Of Palos shows the entire front end completely smashed up, with both front wheels significantly off the ground. Given that the body of the Huayra is made from Carbon Fiber, it’s not likely that it will be a repairable crash.

While the main thing is that everyone involved is OK, it has led to a number of people questioning whether a 17-year-old should be driving the $3.5m hypercar.

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It is well-documented that he has prior experience driving cars such as this (thanks to the number of videos on his YouTube channel) but he has also shown himself driving at high speeds on public roads.

Not only that, but we imagine the insurance on such a vehicle would be sky-high. Given that the car is his fathers’, we can only hope that he was also insured on the car in the correct manner.

Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see if the car is repaired, or simply sent to the great hypercar scrapyard in the sky. No doubt we’ll be hearing more about the situation from those involved soon enough.

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Gage from GGExotics speaks out

Since we initially published this article, the driver Gage has now released a full statement about the accident. Speaking in a video on his friend RideWithRy‘s channel, Gage basically confirms that the car did in fact hit a tree after he lost control, causing the wreck.

“Thank god we were wearing seatbelts” said Gage “as the roof came off [and] the doors flew off.” Thankfully beyond what appears to be a busted arm/shoulder (judging by his sling in the video), no-one was hurt.

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He also took the opportunity to shut down claims that the accident occurred because he was “too young” to be driving the car, saying that it “wasn’t the case.”

Crashed PaganiYouTube: RideWithRy
New footage shows the extent of the damage, with the missing roof and doors very apparent.

Looking to the future, Ry said “we will continue to make videos, but we might take a break since this was a big incident.”

Regardless of whether the car can be saved in any way, the main thing is no-one was injured in the wreck.

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