Tanner Fox blown away by hypercar collection in Billionaire life swap

Kieran Bicknell
YouTuber Tanner Fox with LaFerrariYouTube: Tanner Fox

Imagine getting to swap lives with a billionaire’s son, with full access to their house, car collection, and lifestyle. Well, that’s exactly what happened to YouTuber Tanner Fox, who got to experience life behind the wheel of insane multi-million dollar hypercars in his August 28 video.

20-year-old Tanner Fox has experienced some insane things during his career as a YouTuber, but getting behind the wheel of his dream car – The Ferrari LaFerrari – may well be the icing on the cake for this young internet star.

As part of his “switching lives with a billionaires son” series, Tanner got to explore the mind-blowing garage of a billionaire. From the incredible Pagani Huayra to the mind-blowing Bugatti Chiron and LaFerrari, this is one garage that would blow away any self-confessed petrolhead.

When initially offered the chance to drive the LaFerrari – his dream car – Tanner is completely taken aback and is unsure whether to drive it, saying he “freaked out a little bit”. Eventually, he drove it, giving the young YouTuber an experience he’ll never forget.

Tanner Fox driving Ferrari LaFerrariYouTube: Tanner Fox
Driving his “dream car” was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Tanner.

Tanner gets to drive his “dream car”

Given that the LaFerrari is worth around $1.5 million, for the owner to just hand the keys over to Tanner is somewhat of a shock. After getting his head around the fact he’s behind the wheel of a 1000hp hypercar, he ends up racing it against the owner’s Bugatti Chiron on the highway.

Clearly, the insanity of this experience isn’t lost on Tanner, who describes himself as being “absolutely speechless” from having the opportunity to drive his dream car.

As if being able to drive the LaFerrari wasn’t crazy enough, the next day Tanner is handed the key to the 1500hp, quad-turbocharged Bugatti Chiron Sport worth a cool $3 million as if it was an everyday car.

After a quick ‘crash course’ on driving the technical Bugatti, he is given the all-clear to take it out on a “hot lap” of the local area. In traditional Tanner style though, he ends up using the ultra-rare hypercar to impress a ‘stranger’ and replace her Uber to dinner with the Bugatti.

Doing what any young, single man would do, Tanner proceeds to try and impress the girl with the power of the Bugatti; Seemingly forgetting that the car isn’t actually his. This tactic does seem to work, as the girl ‘forgets’ about her dinner reservation.

Whether the girl is genuinely a stranger or an actress is unclear, but either way, getting to drive several million dollars worth of exotic cars was an incredible experience for Tanner.