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This ridiculous 880hp classic Jeep is faster than most supercars

Published: 11/Nov/2020 12:34

by Kieran Bicknell


Jeeps are generally used as utilitarian, no-fuss runabouts for those in the country. But what if your daily runabout could smash a Ferrari at the drag strip? Well, that’s exactly what the owners of this insane Jeep wanted to discover.

Engine-swapping classic cars is nothing new, with owners wanting to make their classics more usable on a daily basis. In this instance, however, the owners of this Jeep have made it significantly less-usable, in a dramatic way.

Filmed for a Hoonigan AutoFocus episode with renowned photographer Larry Chen, this highly-tuned Jeep Cherokee from 1975 is one of the craziest Jeeps ever built.

Not only are the stats impressive, but so is the performance, with this 1970s Jeep feeling right at home on the drag strip.

880hp Jeep Cherokee interior
YouTube: Hoonigan AutoFocus / Larry Chen
The interior is completely stripped out, to save as much weight as possible.

Crazy customized Jeep Cherokee

Described as “very unique” by Larry, this jeep may look relatively normal from the outside (save for being significantly lowered) but under the hood it packs a punch.

In place of the standard motor is a 5.7l Hemi V8 engine with over 800hp. Not only has the engine been swapped, but also turbocharged, utilizing a set of compound turbos for added power. All told, this Cherokee is running 880hp! That’s more than most supercars on the market today.

The owner admits the beauty is only skin-deep: “It’s basically a Jeep costume on [top of] a racecar.” The shell may be a Jeep, but the chassis underneath is incredibly over-engineered and modified, resulting in this incredible creation.

Inside, the interior is completely stripped out and race-prepared. With a lightweight bucket seat, full roll cage, and harnesses, the owner says it’s still perfectly usable as a normal car, and even gets 20mpg on the highway.

At the drag strip, the Jeep will do a 9.9x second pass over a quarter-mile run, reaching over 140mph. Anything under a 10-second pass is considered impressive on a quarter-mile strip. Therefore, for a 1970s Jeep to post such a time is shocking.

The best part about this crazy creation? At the end of the day at the drag strip or autocross, the owner can simply drive it home, with no need for a trailer. No doubt he embarrasses some much, much more expensive machinery on the way home too.


TikTokker explains how she managed to live in her car for over a year

Published: 27/Nov/2020 17:46

by Michael Gwilliam


TikTok star Nikita Crump has managed to pull off the incredible feat of living in her car, a 2012 Honda Civic, for over one year. Now, she has explained how she was able to pull it off in a new YouTube video.

Crump’s journey began in a video first uploaded on November 3, 2019 where she explained how she officially told her landlord she would be moving out of her home and into her car.

According to Crump, this wasn’t some impromptu decision and she had been spending a few months actively thinking about it before taking the plunge.

TikTok star Nikita crump lives in car
Nikita has been living in her car for over a year.

Despite having a nice house with affordable rent and good roommates, she felt moving into her car was something she “had to do.”

Since then, she has successfully spent a whole year living in her car and marked the anniversary of her first night by explaining how she is able to stay cool or warm at night.

In the backseat of her car, the YouTuber keeps a pillow and too fuzzy blankets which she uses to cover herself up.

Along with her sweatpants and sweatshirt, she is able to stay warm even in the winter months. However, occasionally she has to put a jacket on if it’s ever especially cold outside.

“In Northern California, a lot of the warmer days are still cool nights, so I’m fortunate that most nights throughout the year are totally bearable, but there’s totally been the occasion where it is hot, I am sweating and I wear as minimal clothing as I can,” she explained.

Luckily, she also has a rechargeable fan which can help her get through the night if need be despite only staying charged for one day.

@nikitaraschellYeah, I’m homeless. I live in my civic, I shower at my gym, and I’m just your average gal. ##whatsinmybag ##hotelcivic ##homeless ##sponsorme♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

In addition to just staying cool, the TikTok sensation also revealed she showers at the gym and keeps plenty of personal hygiene products inside her bag including shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant to name a few.

Now, Crump is hitting the road and embarking on a two-month-long trip around the United States where she’ll be documenting her experiences.

The entertainer’s decision to live in her car has paid dividends, as she currently has over one million followers on TikTok.