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Stradman breaks down insane $30,000 Bugatti Veyron servicing cost

Published: 9/Nov/2020 11:44 Updated: 9/Nov/2020 11:50

by Kieran Bicknell


Buying a million-dollar hypercar is a massive investment in itself, but many owners or aspiring owners forget about servicing costs. YouTuber TheStradman discovered the insane costs for himself as he got his Bugatti Veyron serviced for the first time.

Given that his Bugatti Veyron hypercar cost north of $1 million, you’d hope YouTuber James ‘TheStradman’ had stashed some money away for upkeep costs.

Well, the reason for him selling another one of his supercars recently may have become clear, after he revealed the eye-wateringly high cost of servicing his Veyron in his November 6 video.

Clearly, maintaining such a high-value car has always been at the back of his mind. During the video, TheStradman admits that when he bought the car, the maintenence “absolutely terrified” him.

TheStradman Veyron on Trailer
YouTube: TheStradman
The Veyron had to be trailered to and from San Diego from TheStradman’s house, costing over $2000 in shipping alone.

TheStradman tells all about hypercar ownership

One of his goals is to ‘break down’ the costs of owning the Bugatti Veyron, allowing all of his viewers to understand the costs of owning a hypercar.

To this end, he even goes as far as explaining why he paid out for such an expensive service. With cars such as this, official Bugatti servicing history is practically worth its weight in gold.

Explaining his choice of servicing shop, Strad explains that what he would’ve saved taking the car to an independent garage, he would lose off the value of the car come resale time. Therefore, while it may be cheaper in the short term, a cheap service may actually cost him more when he sells the car.

Breaking down the cost, some of the standout items include:

  • Front brake pads – $5602
  • Gearbox oil pump $1985
  • Oil filter – $730
  • A number of tiny screws costing in excess of $100 each

Clip starts at 5:10

The labor itself was also staggeringly costly, coming in at over $10,000. Parts came to over $17,000 to reach a total (including tax) of $30,160.71 – servicing the Veyron costs more than the purchase price of some of the cars that TheStradman owns.

Despite the massive costs involved with maintaining and owning such an incredible machine, TheStradman actually revealed he’s still not legally allowed to drive the car on public roads.

Unfortunately, the postal service “lost” the title documents according to James, so he is yet to register the Veyron in his name – we bet that makes the sky-high bill sting just that little bit more!


YouTuber reveals “harsh reality” of owning insane supercar collection

Published: 25/Nov/2020 17:01

by Kieran Bicknell


TheStradman’s crazy car collection is the envy of any petrolhead, but it turns out there’s a darker side to supercar ownership. In his November 24 video, he reveals just how much he pays for his cars, as well as the upkeep on his fleet, which totals to a staggering amount of money.

From sleeping in his Audi TT to owning a Bugatti Veyron, it’s fair to say YouTuber James ‘TheStradman’ has had an incredible rise to ‘the top’ of his career. But, owning numerous supercars (and one hypercar) doesn’t come cheap, as he has now revealed.

Right from the first video of his Bugatti Veyron ownership series, he has said he wants to be as ‘open and transparent’ as possible with viewers. Given the insane costs of owning a hypercar, James has certainly delivered on his promise, even going as far as breaking down an incredible $30,000 service bill for his subscribers.

TheStradman Purple Veyron
YouTube: TheStradman
TheStradman recently revealed his new-look Bugatti Veyron.

TheStradman reveals insane cost of supercar ownership

Straight away in the video, Stradman gets to the question on everyone’s lips: How much does the Bugatti Veyron cost to own? Well, it turns out that per month, the car costs him $4,765, and he cannot miss a single payment.

This is a lot of money, but given that his housemate Burlacher – who has far fewer followers – revealed he makes nearly $40k/year on YouTube, we imagine TheStradman is making enough to cover the payments, and then some.

With many viewers expecting that TheStradman paid north of $1m for his Veyron, he reveals that the overall price was in fact far less. In total, he paid only $880,000 for the Veyron, which he said will come as “no surprise” for his viewers to learn that it is financed.

Perhaps even more shocking is the amount that he put down – a total of $550,000. We know that he’s sold a lot of cars recently, but that’s still an incredibly large down payment for a car, even if it is a Veyron! James also admits that had he paid for the car outright, he would’ve been “financially wrecked” which is why he put it on finance.

While the Bugatti is sensibly financed, TheStradman revealed that he is the complete and outright owner of both his Lamborghini Aventadors, having paid off their finance agreements. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the Veyron is also paid off. With his continued success and impressive viewing figures, hopefully, for him, it will be sooner rather than later.