Mysterious Bugatti hypercar teaser goes viral

Kieran Bicknell
Bugatti tease new hypercar

Bugatti is well-known for making some of the greatest hypercars the world has ever seen. They also seem to be pretty savvy on social media, and have gone viral as a result of their latest teaser campaign on Instagram.

Despite their future being an uncertain one, with rumors about being sold off by parent company VW, Bugatti seem to be steaming ahead with their next hypercar build.

The age-old brand has also brought themselves firmly into the 21st century, choosing to ‘tease’ the new performance car on their Instagram account to over 13m followers.

Clearly, this method of drumming up interest for the brand has paid off. In the 20 hours since posting the image (at the time of writing) it has been splashed across all corners of the internet. From Twitter to re-shares on Instagram and even news outlets, Bugatti have truly gone viral.

Bugatti’s Instagram post goes viral

All of this interest stems from one simple teaser post. Showing what appears to be the tail lights of a new car, the caption simply states “What if …?”

Bugatti Taillights lightened
By brightening up the image, it becomes clear that we are indeed looking at a set of tail lights.

The post itself shows a set of x-shaped tail lights, set against a pitch-black background. Having enhanced the image, it all but confirms that we are indeed looking at a set of tail lights. The white light at the ‘front’ of the photograph also appears to be coming from a set of headlights, suggesting this is a new car.

Are Bugatti teasing a new hypercar?

Other than that, viewers have been left to let their imagination run wild. While the Divo – released earlier this year – was simply an updated Chiron, many are saying the expect this to be a brand new car.

Bugatti Divo
The Divo was based upon the Bugatti Chiron, but we may be seeing an all-new hypercar from Bugatti soon.

The x-shape lighting is also unlike anything ever seen from Bugatti before, and could herald a new design age for the brand.

Having recently lost their stake in the world speed record for a production car to the SSC Tuatara, this may be Bugatti announcing their comeback.

Their press area also states that a “digital world premiere” is coming soon. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of this usual spaceship-like design in the months to come.

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