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Marshmello’s 6×6 $500k custom truck destroyed during dramatic police chase

Published: 13/Nov/2020 16:59

by Kieran Bicknell


Being a big-time DJ and producer has its perks, such as being able to own incredible cars. Unfortunately, these cars also attract lots of attention, and not always the good kind. DJ Marshmello discovered this the hard way earlier in 2020.

When the story broke of a massive custom, $500,000 Ford F-550 6×6 being involved in a police chase around Los Angeles, many were quick to quip “that’s the most LA thing I’ve ever seen.”

However, this was no ‘ordinary’ 6×6. The truck in fact belonged to famous DJ Marshmello, real name Christopher Comstock. The vehicle was dropped off at a dealership for servicing by his manager and was then stolen by the joyrider.


Marshmello mask
YouTube: Marshmello
Marshmello is known for his iconic mask.

Marshmello’s 6×6 stolen

The less-than-inconspicuous truck managed to evade detection for a number of hours, as the opportunist thief explored LA from behind the wheel. When the police caught up, however, a dramatic and televised chase ensued.

Surprisingly, the driver had managed to get from the dealership in Van Nuys to the Malibu area before they were picked up by police.

The ensuing chase lasted for over 30-minutes, taking in the 101 freeway, San Fernando Valley, and numerous residential areas before coming to a screeching halt.

In the end, the driver surrendered after the 30-minute chase, when he misjudged the exit of a Taco Bell parking lot, and crashed into a lamp post. Given that he managed to avoid both a failed PIT maneuver and keep the cops at bay for over half an hour, it is surprising that the chase would end in such an anti-climatic way.


Thankfully, no one was hurt in the collision. The truck may not have fared so well, however. Given that it was custom-built by renowned tuners Diesel Brothers, it is unlikely that it will be an easy insurance repair.

The joyrider turned himself in peacefully at the end of the chase, and now faces charges of Grand Theft Auto and a felony for evading police.

While there has not been any official comment from Marshmello himself, with such a successful career, it wouldn’t take much for the DJ to buy himself another truck.