Jay Leno blown away on YouTube channel by artist Stuart Parr’s motorbike

Connor Bennett

Former late-night talk show host Jay Leno was left blown away by artist and designer Stuart Parr’s modern-day remake of the classic MV Agusta Magni motorbike after he used a Brutale 800 to make it a reality.

Ever since hosting The Tonight Show Jay Leno has been noted as one of the world’s biggest car fanatics. Since retiring from television duties, Leno has been using YouTube to delve into his collection and talk classic cars.

In his most recent video, the famous TV host linked up with artist, designer, and motorbike enthusiast Stuart Parr to look over Parr’s modern-day remake of the MV Agusta Magni by using what was a Brutale 800. 

Leno got to take Parr’s classic remake for a spin.

Parr explained to Leno how he’d been given the Brutale 800 and wanted to remodel it into the MV Agusta Magni, even though the classic bike hasn’t been criticized for not being the best looking vehicle. Though, he made it happen after flying out to Italy and getting the help of the Magni factory.

Upon seeing it, Leno was pretty astounded by good the remake actually was, praising how it looked like the one he had, though it had been given a bit more life with a new paint job and engine coloring. 

“You have to look at this for maybe half an hour to see all the little touches, all the little screws,” the former TV host remarked, impressed by the incredible attention to detail.

Though, he didn’t just wax lyrical over the bike, he did manage to get it out on the road. As expected, he turned a few heads and let the bike’s engine sing while ripping across the open road. 

“Boy, that’s like the perfect retro motorcycle,” Leno added once he’d finished his ride. “It’s got the look that you want but with the modern precision, modern engineering.” 

Even though he was a massive fan of what he’d just ridden, it might be tough for Leno to get his hands on one of Parr’s designs.

The artist revealed that there are plans for around 50 to be made and with Leno’s endorsement, they’re sure to be a hot commodity.