Tanner Fox wowed after testing speed of electric $250,000 Porsche Taycan

Tanner Fox YouTube

YouTuber Tanner Fox was absolutely floored after test driving the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, calling the electric vehicle a “rollercoaster” of a machine.

Electric cars aren’t only getting more practical, they’re becoming impressive feats of engineering that are starting to pique the interests of petrolheads across the world. It’s cars like the $250,000 Taycan that are turning heads from speed demons to people looking for new kinds of thrills.

As someone in the market to grow his collection of cars, Fox stepped into the Porsche that’s been making headlines after Bill Gates purchased the same car, and noted the problems that EV machines are still facing.

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The electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S puts a ton of power off the jump.

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But the focus of Fox’s breakdown was much more centered around the 0-60 workhorse’s ability to get off the tarmac at blazing speeds. In a warehouse filled with some of the most exotic cars in the world, the Turbo S stood out to catch the YouTuber’s eye.

Immediately after getting out of the warehouse, the former pro scooter rider and his team were literally taken back by the Porsche’s power.

“I felt the G-force on my face, bro!” Fox said. The takeoff of the care instantly made an impression on his face as his “cheeks were rippling” after launching down the road.

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That’s because the top-of-the-line model comes equipped with an overboost feature that’s activated with the Turbo S launch control. This lets the car unleash 750 horsepower that thrusts it from 0-60 in just 2.6 seconds.

But it’s the car’s acceleration that makes it top out at 161 miles per hour with ease, something that wasn’t lost on Fox.

“This car is a rollercoaster,” Fox said. “It’s not like a rollercoaster, it IS a rollercoaster.”

As impressed as he was with Porsche’s take on a turbo-electric vehicle, he was equally floored when seeing the price tag on the behemoth.

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Tanner Fox YouTube
Tanner Fox was impressed with the “rollercoaster” of a vehicle.

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While the car packs a punch where it counts, at the end of the day, Fox probably won’t be adding the car to his personal garage.

Even though he didn’t pick up the Porsche, it’s safe to say that the vehicle made a huge impression on Tanner immediately following his test drive of the Taycan Turbo S.