James May roasts YouTubers’ cars: Jeffree Star, Gordon Ramsay, more

YouTube: DRIVETRIBE/Jeffree Star/Gordon Ramsay

Once again, former Top Gear presenter James May has made a video critiquing top YouTubers and celebrities’ cars, including the likes of Jeffree Star, Gordon Ramsay, Stradman, and more.

Back in March 2020, May took to YouTube to roast other creators’ cars, including TJ Hunt, Doug Demuro, Jimmy Broadbent and more.

Now, he’s at it again just over a year later, laying down his expertise and offering some thoughts.

Of course, with YouTubers now driving in some eye-catching vehicles, May had a lot to say on his DRIVETRIBE channel.

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Stradman’s Bugatti Veyron

“The only thing I’m not sure of is it was white, and he’s wrapped it purple… but he’s not wrapped it all in purple?”

May is clearly a huge fan of the Veyron, but isn’t convinced by the purple wrap — something Stradman puts on all his cars.

Tavarish’s ‘Bugatti Veyron’

“It’s B.A.D. It isn’t a Bugatti Veyron, is it? It looks the way a Veyron would look if you had to make it into a novelty telephone.”

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Tavarish attempted to turn his Honda Civic into a Bugatti Veyron and, while it looks similar, May just isn’t impressed.

Lana’s Lamborghini Huracan

Lana lamborghini huracanYouTube: DRIVETRIBE
Lana’s Huracan is definitely something James can get on board with.

“Some people say the Huracan isn’t really a Lamborghini because it isn’t outrageous enough, but I think it’s a nice piece of styling.”

Mike Majlak’s ex-girlfriend and adult star Lana’s white Lambo Huracan is the envy of many, including James May. He’s clearly a huge fan of the car, and even has to take a moment to appreciate its finer assets.

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TJ Hunt’s Mercedes G Wagon

“It’s terrible.”

Not much to say on this one, James May looks at the lifted car, the bigger wheels and the yellow wrap and clearly wants to move on.

Becky Evans (Queen B) Porsche 930 Turbo

“I don’t really like old things that much. It is an extremely interesting and historically significant one to own. What worries me is that she’s financed it through drifting.”

May clearly likes the car, saying he loved it as a child, but he’s got a little more to say on Becky’s drifting videos…

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Jeffree Star’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Jeffree Star Rolls Royce CullinanYouTube: Stradman
Star’s Rolls Royce Cullinan is guaranteed to turn heads.

“Oh, this is an abomination, this thing.”

James doesn’t like the Cullinan at the best of times, but he clearly despises this car in its bright pink wrap that Star’s cars have become known for.

Peter McKinnon’s F-150 Raptor

“It’s a pickup truck, and I can’t see the case for a pickup truck unless you’re a landscape gardener and, in some cases, a builder. Why do you have a pickup truck?”

May praises McKinnon’s video and photography skills, but questions why he would want to own this car in particular.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Porsche 918 Spyder

Gordon Ramsay's Porsche 918 SpyderYouTube: Gordon Ramsay
Ramsay has a huge collection of supercars, including this Porsche 918 Spyder.

“Do I approve? I have to, really. It’s pretty cool, actually. It’s a pretty fantastic car… Shame he can’t cook.”

James doesn’t have the kindest words for the professional chef’s ability in the kitchen, but is a huge fan of Ramsay’s car collection, which also includes a La Ferrari.

When it comes to cars, there are few that know as much as James May, with his work on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. That’s why him roasting your car is just about peak humiliation for any petrolhead.

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