Doug DeMuro reveals Ford’s biggest mistake with the 2021 Bronco

Alan Bernal

YouTuber Doug DeMuro pointed out the biggest mistake with the 2021 Ford Bronco as the car company is getting ready to revitalize a treasured name for old-school sports compact SUV enthusiasts.

Full details for the first new Bronco in 25 years has been coming out in droves, and DeMuro broke down everything he likes about the upcoming vehicle and, for him, there wasn’t much to hate about it.

The new Bronco’s design, its utility capabilities, the ability to take off the roof and doors to give it a much more rugged appeal, and all of the smart accessory designs that have been laced around the frame of the SUV.

The YouTuber hasn’t even gotten into the car and is already fawning over all of the intricate details that Ford has teased for its future release.

The Bronco will give drivers a ton of options to tailor their driving experience.

“The camera system can act as a spotter for the tires, you can take off the bumper caps for narrow trails so they don’t get scraped,” he said. “Needless to say, this thing will be a gold mine of quirks and features.”

But Ford’s greatest flaw in coming out with this restyled classic is its timing in the market, according to DeMuro. He found that the demand for the Bronco is already turning up for every model, and there’s a reason for it.

“Ford is insanely late to this party,” Demure said, pointing out that competitor cars in similar classification like the Wrangler, G Wagon, or 4 Runner already has a command of the market.

“The Raptor came out a decade ago,” he said. “Its early success early on should have clued Ford that ‘hey, people are interested in off-roading vehicles like this, larger ones: You can bring back the Bronco.’”

He says that the company missed out on a lot of money coming out with the Bronco in 2021, and believes that it could have drawn on the same hype train it’s on right now in, say, 2015.

In either case, it is already shaping up to be one of the most popular releases for consumers in quite some time as wait lists for this car are already filling up.