How to watch Hitch’s $10K Modern Warfare Bot tournament ft. Dr Disrespect, Scump, more – streams, teams, bracket, format

Infinity Ward

Popular NRG content creator Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards and online gaming event organizers BoomTV are hosting a $10,000 Modern Warfare ‘Birthday Bot Bash’ tournament featuring some of the biggest names in the Call of Duty community.

With January 7 being his birthday, Hitch decided what better way to celebrate his special day than by putting together a massive Modern Warfare tournament, featuring many of the most popular Call of Duty content creators and pro players.

Called the “Birthday Bot Bash,” Hitch’s tournament is a 4v4 Search and Destroy competition, but with a major wrinkle – each team has one veteran-level Bot to go along with their three main players.

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This means that some of the results will come down to how these AI Bots perform in-game, and some of what they do could end up determining which teams get a share of the $10,000 prize pool.

You can find all of the details about this event below, including when it starts, how to watch it, players and teams, the official bracket, and more.

BoomTVThis is the fourth year in a row that Hitch is hosting a Birthday Bot Bash tournament.

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Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash streams

This tournament is taking place on Tuesday, January 7 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, and is expected to last for a few hours.

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BoomTV will be livestreaming and casting the event on their official Twitch channel, which we’ve included below for your convenience.

Many of the participants will also be livestreaming their POVs on their own streaming channels, some of which we’ve included below.

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Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash bracket

The official bracket for Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash is being managed by BoomTV, who will be updating it live throughout the tournament as results come in from all of the matches.

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A live version of the bracket with up-to-date results can be found on the event’s official web-page at all times.


Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash players & teams

As with almost every event that Hitch organizes, his 2020 Birthday Bot Bash features some of the biggest names in the online gaming world.

There is a healthy mix between star content creators and pro players – many from the Call of Duty community, but also some from other games as well, such as Fortnite.

Here are all of the 16 teams and their players:

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  1. Testyment, Arcn, SoaR Rymm
  2. Hitch, Jorge, Blake Cissel
  3. Scope, Emzy, Chiefz
  4. H3CZ, Hutch, Di3seL
  5. Scump, summit1G, Crowder
  6. JERICHO, Keiti, ActaBunniFooFoo
  7. LuLu Luvely, AvaGG, Emiliaa
  8. Classify, Mako, Froste
  9. Dr Disrespect, FormaL, Symfuhny
  10. TBNRKenWorth, Nate Gibson, Trogan
  11. Swagg, Pamaj, The Korean Savage
  12. Bloo, Kitty, Agony
  13. I AM WILDCAT, BasicallyIDoWrk, LEGIQN
  14. Moo, Equuip, Katie Bedford
  15. TeePee, Maven, MerK
  16. Aydan, 2Pac, Holly
MLGIconic CoD pros Scump and FormaL are both competing in Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash, albeit with different teams.

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Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash format

As mentioned above, this is a double-elimination 4v4 Search and Destroy tournament, with each team featuring three live players and a veteran-difficulty Bot.

Each match is a best-of-three, with the higher seed hosting the first map, the lower seed hosting the second, and the team with the more rounds won between the two maps hosting the third, if necessary.

Here are the pre-determined map rotations for each round:

  • WR1 – Gun Runner, Crash, Rammaza
  • WR2/LR1 – Vacant, Hackney, Arklov
  • WR3/LR2 – Rammaza, Gun Runner, Crash
  • WR4 (Winners Finals) / LR3 – Arklov, Hackney, Vacant
  • LR4 – Crash, Rammaza, Gun Runner
  • LR5 – Hackney, Vacant, Arklov
  • LR6 (Losers Finals) – Gun Runner, Crash, Rammaza
  • GF – Hackney, Vacant, Arklov
  • GF (reset, if nec) – Crash, Rammaza, Gun Runner

A full list of all of the weapons, attachments, items, scorestreaks, perks, field upgrades, equipment that are restricted from use can be found on the tournament’s rule page.

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Hitch’s Birthday Bot Bash prize breakdown

The overall prize pool of this tournament is set at $10,000, which will be split accordingly between the top three teams based on this breakdown:

  • Total: $10,000 USD

  • 1st Place: $6,000 USD

  • 2nd Place: $3,000 USD

  • 3rd Place: $1,000 USD