YouTuber finds CoD server with the strictest rules ever

Calum Patterson

Popular YouTuber Im Suda discovered the strictest Call of Duty server ever after trying classic titles like World at War, and proceeded to troll the server’s loyal, rule-abiding players.

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Im Suda had noticed his fans incessantly asking him to play more Call of Duty, and so went through every CoD game in a single video, returning to the very first entry in the series from over 15 years ago.

Of course, the public servers for many of these games are either no longer supported or are completely empty, but by joining player-ran servers, the YouTuber was able to find populated lobbies in no time.

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TreyarchWorld at War first released back in 2008, to critical acclaim.

It wasn’t all good news though, as some of these lobbies enforce strict rules, such as only using snipers or only playing on one map or game mode.

When playing World at War, the fifth main entry in the series, Suda joined undoubtedly the strictest and most bizarre server in any CoD, entitled ‘crouch server’.

It took its name very literally, forcing players to remain crouched throughout the entire match, but beyond that, players were only allowed to use unscoped sniper rifles, no pistols, ‘no random fire’ and ‘no blind nades’ – instantly kicking anyone breaking the rules.

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This very quickly brought an end to Suda’s World at War playtime, after he was told off for simply firing his pistol at a wall, and then kicked for sprinting.

He also tried his hand at the original Modern Warfare, gearing up for the new 2019 release, but this experience was quickly ruined by players shouting racist profanities over game chat.

For Call of Duty 2, there were no servers at all, leaving Suda to return to the iconic campaign instead.

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Call of DutyThe fourth ‘Modern Warfare’ game is set for an October 2019 release.

The entire 40-minute video truly is a trip down memory lane for longtime fans of the franchise, perhaps a reminder of the progression (or in some cases, regression) that each successive game made.

Modern Warfare, which will be the 16th CoD title, launches on October 25, and heralds a return to perhaps the franchise’s most popular setting.

There is a relief that ‘advanced movement’ games ended with Infinite Warfare (the sales and reception of that game say a lot about the reason why), but the newer games in the series are still yet to recapture the magic of the previous generation.

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