MW3 player left speechless by opponent’s “cracked out” bullet-dodging skills

Jake Nichols

A Modern Warfare 3 player has been left completely speechless after encountering a “cracked out” bullet-dodging wizard in their lobby.

Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer has been highly praised by critics and players alike, who have suggested it’s one of the best versions of Call of Duty online in quite some time.

Yet, the game is still under fire for a variety of reasons, arguably none more so than the skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), which appears to be severely impacting player’s experiences.

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One perfect example of the skill gap that can exist in Call of Duty lobbies, however, was perfectly captured by a Modern Warfare 3 player who ran into the “most cracked out” they’ve ever seen.

The player took to Reddit’s Modern Warfare 3 community to share gameplay footage of the encounter with the caption, “He literally was evading and juking my bullets. Most cracked out player I’ve seen so far.”

And the clip certainly lives up to expectations. The player can be seen retreating into a corner while the “cracked out” opponent runs around in circles and perfectly dodges all of the bullet spray. It’s a hilarious mismatch between a player with seemingly elite movement skills and someone who’s simply no match.

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Players in the comments section immediately commented on the skill gap, stating that the opponent, who seemingly belongs in an SBMM final boss lobby may have reverse boosted to play against lower-skilled opponents.

“Looks like a reverse booster tbh you try this against any half-decent player and it will be no different than reverse boosting,” a player shared. Another, far more critical said, “Kid is cracked but you are also terrible.”

Others, more fascinated with the movement itself, asked how it was even possible to move like that. To which one player replied, suggesting that it’s far easier to do on PC with a mouse and keyboard, rather than merely using a controller.

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“Auto tac sprint, lot of sliding, holding forward, and WHIPPING your mouse around like a f***ing maniac. A gun with fast movement speed helps a ton. Idk how it would work on controller,” they shared.

Make sure to check out our Modern Warfare 3 guides if you, too, want to become a “cracked out” Call of Duty player.

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