YouTuber dunkey shows everything wrong with Modern Warfare

David Purcell

Popular YouTuber Jason ‘videogamedunkey’ Gastrow has finally revealed his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review and those who were expecting it to be hilarious certainly won’t be disappointed. 

The latest installment to the Call of Duty franchise has been met with a mixed reaction from the game’s online community. There are people out there who can’t get enough of the new, slower gameplay, while others just can’t wait to see a nerf released for the 725 shotgun in Multiplayer. 

Dunkey is well known for taking a different, and usually comedic, approach to issues that players are facing in-game, and it was no different with his latest upload to his YouTube channel, which landed on November 4. 

Infinity WardMany players believe Modern Warfare’s 725 shotgun is too overpowered.

The content creator, who has over five million subscribers on the platform, has been reviewing the biggest games for many years. In 2019 alone, he’s released funny videos for WWE 2K20 after its horror show of a release with bugs plaguing the game, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2 and others. 

However, his Modern Warfare video might just be the best yet after he found a way of making everything that fans are concerned about look funnier than ever. Constant claymore deaths? Infuriating but still hysterical. Shotguns being overpowered? Everyone hates it, but why not join the dark side?

There’s a whole lot of that – and more – in this incredible review.

The video, which only lasts just over five minutes, starts off with dunkey trying to do a voiceover but being blown to smithereens by a number of explosives. 

One of the funnier moments comes next as he tries to bypass several claymores that have been placed at such a tight angle that it’s more or less impossible to stop them from harming you. 

Eventually, he finds a solution by allowing another teammate to die at the hands of the deadly equipment, before continuing his run. 

For those who haven’t seen Dunkey’s videos before, it might seem like he’s trashing a lot of the gameplay features and not a fan of the title, but regular viewers will know that it’s just his style and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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