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Dr Disrespect rage quits Modern Warfare during claymore and shotgun rant

Published: 5/Nov/2019 6:00 Updated: 6/May/2020 10:42

by Andrew Amos


Dr Disrespect has put Infinity Ward in the firing line, pleading for changes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare after rage-quitting mid-stream.

The Twitch star is an avid Call of Duty player – after all, he used to work on the franchise as a level designer. However, as time drags on with Modern Warfare, Dr Disrespect’s string is wearing thin, and his temper rising.

Now, instead of other players, he’s got Infinity Ward in his sights, breaking down the precise changes they need to make to Modern Warfare to keep the Doc playing for the weeks, months, and possibly years to come.

GFUELDr Disrespect hasn’t been happy with Modern Warfare, and he let Infinity Ward know about it.

During a November 4 stream of the game, the Two-Time was getting pummeled from all angles by all varieties of players. From not being able to see down darkened corridors, to the occasional explosive on the ground, it seemed like it wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

After one final claymore kill, the Doc snapped, rage-quitting the game and going on a lengthy tirade about the shortfalls of the latest Call of Duty title.

“I can’t f***ing play this game right now, I don’t really want to play, I don’t want to f***ing play pubs Infinity Ward,” said the Doc, not mincing his words.

“You’ve got f***ing claymores on every single window and every single door – no one wants that. If that’s not happening, the 725 shotgun from across the map is happening. No one wants it.”

Instead of sitting on their laurels, Dr Disrespect wants Infinity Ward to act quickly to make changes to the beloved franchise before they isolate their playbase.

“It’s time to make a patch tonight, put it out tonight,” the two-time pleaded. “Let’s change it up. Let’s get on course, we are starting to swerve way off f***ing course right now man. We’re going downhill in our Jeep that doesn’t have 4x4s, our 4×2 Jeep, because we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.”

As for his suggestions? Nerf everything that makes the game anti-fun in public lobbies, and bolster the gunplay that Call of Duty is known for.

“Let’s dial it back,” he said. “Let’s take out the claymores. Let’s get the shotguns nerfed big time, and I don’t know, maybe add Dead Silence into the game so that we can just run around and not be heard everywhere.”

Infinity WardThe 725 shotgun has been a major point of contention in MW because of how overpowered it is.

He’s not the first personality to raise concerns about the direction the franchise is heading. Numerous complaints have been made about weapon balance, multiplayer, spawning, “safe spaces,” and more from pro players and pub stars alike.

That hasn’t stopped Modern Warfare from becoming the most successful Call of Duty release this generation, surpassing over $600 million in sales on its opening weekend. But, at the end of the day, the Doc knows what he wants, and is begging Infinity Ward for those changes.


NICKMERCS claims Warzone is “not looking good” compared to Fortnite

Published: 27/Nov/2020 1:24

by Theo Salaun


From Fortnite to Call of Duty: Warzone and back, NICKMERCS is as experienced in both battle royales as anyone. After jumping back into Epic Games’ iteration, he claims the third-person shooter has a serious edge over Warzone right now.

In a long overdue Fortnite return stream with SypherPK, another battle royale maestro, FaZe Clan and MFAM’s Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff got back into the groove and decided it was time to compare his favorite BR titles. Of course, with so many followers, the MFAM audience deserves an explanation for the change in content.

While the popular streamer built his following in Epic Games’ unique title, his Twitch following grew to a whopping 4.6 million followers with thanks to months spent popping off on Verdansk. Having hosted, participated, and won Warzone tournaments in that span, he’s flown into the world’s top 15 most-followed Twitch streamers.

But, with Call of Duty’s sights set on the Black Ops Cold War release, Warzone has lost some lustre and NICKMERCS has returned to the consistently-updated Fortnite. Fittingly, he proceeded to explain that those updates give Fortnite an edge over Warzone.

It took Nick some time to get used to Fortnite’s mechanics, as he and SypherPK delved into the differences between the two games’ aim assists and how exponential and linears differ between the two. Ultimately, despite the discomfort upon switching over, the BR aficionado found himself loving it.

To explain his intentions in trying Fortnite again, NICKMERCS minced no words: “Listen, the current state over on the Call of Duty side of things is not looking good. There was supposed to be a big update coming in December, we haven’t heard anything about that. Really not good.”

And then, to contrast why Fortnite feels like the superior BR right now, he couldn’t help but give props to Epic Games’ consistent content delivery: “On the other hand, for Fortnite, there’s big-time updates and map changes right around the corner before Christmas.”

Fortnite Item Shop
Epic Games
Fortnite’s shop gets consistent action, while Warzone’s is very quiet right now.

Fortnite and Apex Legends follow a similar format as titles, where the game is free and updated seasonally. Warzone was Call of Duty’s successful effort to do the same, but things became complicated by BOCW’s release.

Now, Warzone’s seasonal content schedule has been disrupted by Activision’s focus on selling BOCW. The company is trying to get the best of both worlds: a free battle royale’s player base with the money of an annual title like FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K franchises.

By putting their money into BOCW tournaments and content, CoD seems to have pushed NICKMERCS to return to a game that, distraction-free, is regularly putting out content.