Warzone pro Shifty stuns viewers with insane gas play to win $1m World Series qualifier

Jacob Hale
Shifty holding up World Series of Warzone trophy next to WSOW logo

Shifty has become one of the greatest Warzone players in the world, and he proved exactly why with an extremely intelligent gas play for the match win during a qualifying match for the $1m World Series of Warzone.

When Shifty first burst onto the scene in 2022, he was met with a litany of hacking accusations, as even pros that he played with and against failed to believe he was legitimately doing the things he was doing.

Sure enough, two years later, he is one of the best players to ever touch the Call of Duty battle royale, proving his prowess once again to win on match point during WSOW qualifiers on June 19.

When left on his own and the circle growing ever smaller, Shifty knew he had to make a play to survive as long as possible and try to get the Match Point win, but his lack of teammates meant he had to go about it in a unique way.

Taking his PDS field upgrade out into the gas, Shifty threw it on top of a parked car and drove it out then back towards the circle, managing to maintain enough health to drive in and start mowing down opponents.

Once left with just one enemy to take on, Shifty drove back out into the gas and perched behind a wall, able to spray down the one remaining opponent and win the whole thing, much to everyone’s shock.

Repullze and his Pullze Check watch party couldn’t believe what they had seen, with 9 other players across 4 different teams all dropping and Shifty somehow managing to pull the win out of the bag, in a fashion you will very rarely see in competitive Warzone, if at all.

Shifty, along with teammates Biffle and Hisoka, are favorites for the World Series of Warzone championship, beating their competition in almost every tournament over the past year, and when they’re pulling off plays like this, it’s not hard to see why.

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