World Series of Warzone player explodes at “dogsh*t” teammates after humiliating loss

Jacob Hale
World Series of Warzone image with sidebar of Repullze and Ebatez in Pullze Check watch party

A Warzone competitor who played in the qualifying stage for the World Series of Warzone absolutely ripped into his teammates after a rough game, calling them “the worst in the world” and “actual dogsh*t.”

The World Series of Warzone was formally announced in May, with a series of qualifying stages before the as-yet-unannounced Global Finals, which is expected to take place at some point in September.

Hundreds of trios across multiple continents have been working to get in, and while the likes of Biffle, Shifty, and Hisoka look poised to qualify with ease, there are a number of other challengers trying to etch their names in the history books.

One of those was the trio of xBallerr, Milkojones, and MOP, who got out of the opening group stage and into the upper bracket of qualifiers for the NA Finals — but didn’t have the best time while playing it.

With MOP and Milko both dead early in the game, Baller attempted to make a play through gas to buy one of them back at a Buy Station. However, an enemy team had planted a Proximity Mine on it, which promptly killed Baller and sent him and his teammates back to the pre-game lobby.

It didn’t take long for one of them to lose it, not just at Baller, but at both teammates after being absolutely furious with the performance.

“You guys are the worst f**king teammates in the f**king world,” they said. “You guys are actual dogsh*t. F**k all of you, bro. F**king idiots don’t f**king listen and you don’t know how to f**king buy, dude. You are so f**king dogsh*t… You don’t know how to use a f**king buy station Baller?”

They repeatedly called their teammates “dogsh*t” before moving on to the upcoming games. The trio ended up finishing in 38th place out of 40 teams in the upper bracket, accruing a total of 19.4 points from the six matches played.

They will go into Round 2 of the Lower Bracket in an attempt to recover and reach the NA Finals — or at least the Last Chance Qualifiers — on their run to reaching the World Series of Warzone Global Final.